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Each and everyday , you will look at yourself through the mirror and ask , “Why do I look so average , why can’t my face be like Andy Lau?” Then you decided to take a walk . You will proceed to your wardrobe and get yourself the conventional attire ; Jeans+T-shirt. After putting on your Nike shoe and carrying your nerdy backpack with water bottle by the side , you step off the house. You reached the train station and decided to just board the oncoming train without any plans.

Out of the sudden , you heard the announcer announcing “City Hall interchange. Passenger going toward Bugis , Pasir Ris or Changi Airport , please cross the platform and transfer into another train. City Hall interchange , please mind the platform gap. Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu” By then , the name Bugis rings in your mind. You thought to yourself ” Bugis does sounds like some old village where only a bunch of dull and obsoleted villagers reside , hence , maybe I can shine and become one of the most handsome guys in that village …” So , you decided to cross the platform and board the train. Read the rest of this entry »

I can't be a monkey anymore.

I can't be a monkey anymore.

I can’t be a great man like Onizuka anymore. Due to that , this blog will be in semi malfunction mode.  Please give your condolence to my inner Onizuka and welcome the geek in me. Now I can really give a good guide for saying bye bye to hikkimori since I just have to reflect on my own action in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

I found out that alot of visitor found our site by searching how to bypass crunchyroll region restrict on google. So today I will do a service to them.

Step Number 1 : Go to any proxy site , a good one will be

Step Number 2 : Type in in the blank and press go.

Step Number 3: Profit! You will be able to view all the regional restrict anime now! Just surf the site per normal like how you did in the past , no other fanciful stuff.

Note: You won’t be able to watch anime meant for anime member though. It is indicate with a star on the bottom right on the video if it is meant to be anime for anime membership.

Just torrent crunchyroll rip or move to USA .

It seems that nobody here wished our viewers a Happy Chinese New Year yet, and hence in the name of the whole group,  holy holy holy Holydreams wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! (even though I’m late by 4 days there’s no reason to fret, as Chinese New Year last for 15 days)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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This is going to be the shortest post in iwicsyi , beat that.

When you are young , you complain too much time and energy  but no money

Young time

When You are Old , You complain Life is stressful , has little time but yet a lot money..



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I learned that working is damn easy . It is so fun, relaxing and money really do come easy . I learned how to hack a trolley from supermarket and where do they place their condom. I also learn that you must not drink any canned drink directly with your mouth touching the tip of the can , it won’t turn into a beautiful girl but may be your last drink if those drink is handled by me. I learned about how beautiful my town is when I am working , because I wandered around the town more instead of working . Read the rest of this entry »


I have enough of haruhi season 2!!! Can everyone shut up and just go along without commenting about haruhi season 2 when kyoani decide to do some other stuff? It has been going on for frigging 3 years!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Hayao Miyazaki , God of Ghibli. You aren’t an  anime fan if you don’t know his name , even non-anime fans should be familiar with him due to  his many ingenious movies such as “Spirited Away“, “Princess Mononoke” and the most recent “Ponyo on the Cliff”. But every old man has their own perverted side , especially old man who love to draw cute loli using his own hand .
Read the rest of this entry »

You know , i never celebrate my birthday before , and by never , I really mean never . Never as in never ever , never as in really that never that is define in dictionary , NEVER!

At the  most , I will recieve 2 sms  from my friend wishing me happy birthday. But I don’t like that , it will cost me ten cent to sms them back . Yea , I know that i can use a $20 dollar prepaid card and last for 6 month with a value of at least $4 left in the end when the card expired , but I am trying to further improve on that record , so ten cent times two may be an huge obstacle for my record breaking . So what’s the whole point of this post? Read the rest of this entry »

NO company can made so much money and survive by supplying free stuff , simple logic. They won’t even bother to sell DVD if it is meant to be free , nuff said. Even non profitable company needs donation , some of them even put the donation into their own pocket !

For those that ask why Japanese can watch anime for free on tv , please ask yourself ,why did you get to watch little Nonya for free .

For those that still whine about the availability and cost of anime , please do whine about not being able to played golf and race in F1 due to your weak financial status and the restricting environment you lived in too.

For those that say that you need to sample before buying an anime , ask yourself , do you watch the whole movie beforehand just to decide on whether to watch it in theater or not.

Final word : Anime is like golf , no money , don’t touch it.


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