OK …… here’s a new blog , name is iwicsyi aka I Wish I Could See Your Inside aka ef a tale of melodies engrish lyric.



L33t noob+ self proclaimed professor (He will take care of tl;dr post ranging from psychology to philosophy, he sells phoenix down too , need revival , call his number)


Juicy photographer , proud owner of the colorwolf blog  (He will take care of photograph , shot using his almighty hand phone)


Proud owner of the forsaken blog , he is holy , his poo is holy , his mind is holy , he excreted holy juice , he is HOLY!!!!! (Ok I repeated he is holy twice, that is how holy he is.) His job will be …… what will he write again? Omg I have been mindfuck by his holiness .


I will be using the alias Shouryu because I am a weeboo( Leader of the blog. My job ? To see your inside.) *And apparently the most bored person around here considering all the posts are done by our almighty e-penis hidden leader, and why are you so  special to be “Me”? That’s unfair to our e-penis. I DEMAND A CHANGE!* -From the holy holy Holydream

All your base are  belong to us …… In simpler term , it will contain contents ranging from random rant to PhD(LOL) standard analysis of soft core porn (kanokon) to hot juicy photograph taken using our $5 hand phone . So be sure to visit us .

Ps: Please visit our FAQ , About page , Staff page and terminology page 1st before reading our post.

~The 1st and probably the last post~