The economy of Singapore is a highly developed capitalist mixed economy.It has an open business environment, relatively corruption-free and transparent, stable prices, and one of the highest per capita gross domestic products (GDP) in the world. Singapore is also one of the safest country in the world , with top tier education system and a guaranteed future for everyone . A perfect country to live in.

Here comes the question , so do I prefer my country more than others like said Malaysia? Sad to say , no.

Why? You may ask. It is such an awesome and cool place to live in , there is no reason not liking it.

Do answer that question , i will use three different comparison , each cater to different readers.

Analogy 1 ( Mainstream)

Van Fan VS Jay Chou

Who has a larger fanbase? Jay Chou

Who is more talented in music? Jay Chou

Who is more experienced? Jay Chou

Who is more successful as an artiste? Jay Chou

Who pee on an alley? Van Fan

So who do you prefer? Van Fan

Why choose Van when  Jay Chou is a better artiste ? There isn’t really any reason , I just prefer Van Fan.

Analogy 2 (Soccer Fan)

Manchester United Vs Bayern Munich

Which club has a larger fan base? Man Utd

Which club has a longer History? Man Utd

Which club is more successful now? Man Utd

Which club has more pretty boys? Man Utd

Which club has a larger stadium? Man Utd

Which club has a higher budget? Man Utd

Which club has a longer article in Wikipedia .eng? Man Utd

Which club won more UEFA Champions League trophy now? Bayern Muncich ( Ha Ha , Man Utd got owned)

So which Club to you prefer? Bayern Munich

Why Bayern , even though Man Utd is clearly the better club now? No particular reason , I just prefer Bayern.

Analogy 3 (Anime Fan)

Sheryl Nome Vs Ranka Lee

Who has a bigger fanbase? I see more people liking Sheryl Nome

Who has a better personality? Sheryl Nome

Who has a bigger bust? Sheryl Nome

Who has a better singing voice? Sheryl Nome

Who will I hit? Sheryl Nome

Who whine more? Ranka Lee

Who is more annoying? Ranka Lee

Who is more childish? Ranka Lee

Who should Alto choose? Sheryl Nome

Who kissed Alto first? Sheryl Nome

Ranka Lee or Sheryl Nome? Ranak Lee

Why choose Ranka when Sheryl is clearly the better choice? I don’t know , I just prefer Ranka.

~End Of Analogy~

Tl;DR: The reason for me not liking Singapore more than other country can be clearly explained from the 3 analogies above. Something that is awesome, better and perfect does not equate to you liking it.  You like something not because that something is good but because you have more attachment to it.  It all depend on one preference and personality. So don’t ever fuck me off when I say that I don’t like Singapore.

PS : Although I really don’t like Singapore , I don’t hate it too. Oh , the header have nothing to do with the content lol.

Extracted 1st paragraph from wikipedia for economy of Singapore