Lets us try to act like professionals and make some administrative posts for the blog even thou no one read it.

Updates ~coming soon~

Nerdyphoenix is doing the draft for his 1st post now , I don’t know what will be the content but get ready for some mind blowing Jackie Chan style action post.

Holydreams is gathering ideas for his awesome tutorial post now, according to him.

Snake withheld his decision getting a A700, so it will be awhile before we can get some juicy pictures. His intention for buying A700 is not for show off, nor it is for use in this blog. Rather, it is for some personal reason.

I know how you feel, Snake. I also longed for a DSLR  to take some cosplayers with skimpy costume for fapping purposes.

I am also doing some research and gathering for my two new posts , for which the 1st one is on draft for now and the next one will be ready after I watch the show “ponyo” this upcoming monday.

New Features

1.Forum is constructed , you can visit it via the side bar on ” oUR fORUM”

2. IRC Channel

3. Interesting Gif(animated picture)

4. Comic Strip by me

5. New Banner

6. Final touches for the staff page

And …….

thats for now . I will be hunting down some juicy pictures and add it in all the older posts. All visitors please refresh the blog 10 times a day to increase the blog stats!!!!. (just joking) – NO!  I AM NOT JOKING .,IAN