This picture made me yawn

10 years ago , i speak like this:

I english no no , I Asian , I chinese , i spell lousy lousy , me like horse , people also like me horse . I watch watch animu , fap fap pron , i no spell pron. I strong , me horse also strong , Me english bery bery good .  Fighting I like , jackie chan girl friend ride horse i also like . I fall down hand pain pain , beutiful girl help help come me , i fap fap her.My like animu is 10gen 2pa , kanon to oh oh sex and rainbig heart.

5 years ago , i speak like this:

I am a chinese . I like animu. I like hentai. I fap to hentai. I can’t spell porn .My horse is big. A lot of girl like it very much. My english is good. I like action flick. Favourite part is Jackie Chan girlfriend riding on his horse. I fell down once. A girl help me up . I fap to her. I like tengen toppa , kanon 2006 and Rumbling Heart.

Now , i speak like this:

I am a chink and my hobbies includes playing eroge and watching Japanese animation. Spelling porn correctly is like killing ants , even noob knows how to do it.  I am pretty proud of my own genital and I always fantasise that I will have my own harem one day.

My English isn’t perfect , but I am trying very hard to improve it , that’s why I created this blog to put my English on test . But I guess that I still have a long way to go. Wish me luck and please give me some advice on how to improve my English.

One of my favourite celebrity is Jackie Chan ,  his movies is like having a Nice Boat Ending with your loved one , all  sweet and loving. I like Stephen Chow and Chou Yun Fat too, so be sure to watch the Dragonball live action just to catch a glimpse of them.

I am having a crush  with a girl because she motivated me when my life get tough. Her name is Suzumiya Haruka , I will like to thanks her for her wonderful performance in ” Rumbling Heart” . Rumbing Heart teaches me about the harshness of romance and premarital sex . The eroge helps me in getting off a lot of load too .

For now , my favourite animes are “Rumbling Heart” , “Kanon 2006″ ,” Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ” and the “Macross franchise” .

So as you can see , my English turn from bad to worst. It is sooo bad that I could understand Konata’s  Monkey Magic.


Haruka <333333333333

Nice Boat End:

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Save this for avatar

Haruka Picture : animepaper.net

Luckystar gif : Made by shouryu , pic from luckystar ova