This post is dedicated to our visitors , especially those that click the pingback/trackback from TheFluff’s blog and all the Vr-Zoner that click Darkbyte’s signature.

For people that click the pingback from TheFluff’s blog:

Thanks for visiting and below is some followup.

“Our blog are made by retards in some sense , none of us frigging know what the hell is a pingback!! So ,  if you see our blog appearing on some trackback or pingback  from other’s blog , please do visit to increase our traffic. ( In otherwords , I don’t know how the hell my post will create a pingback to TheFluff’s blog.)”

For all Vr-Zoner:

“Thanks for the visit . I hope that you enjoy the trap laid by Darkbyte .”


Other Interesting Fact: Our blog could be found by searching the following terms in Google :

: naruto crunchyroll stream bad ,
: taka tony botan nabe ,
: 鉄のラインバレル ,
: 鉄のラインハ + animenewsnetwork
and finally
: i wish i could see your insides

So please do search all these terms to increase our traffic , thanks. (I couldn’t find our blog when I tried to google for “naruto crunchyroll stream bad ” in the 1st 20 pages.  That guy must have search hard to find someone that badmouth crunchyroll to satisfy his desire.)

Final Words : HAHA my faggotory faggots  friend , I finally found a way to make this blog popular !  I just need to trackback my post to all the popular blogs to earn more traffic.

Danny Choo , HERE I COME!!