Seriously , the Internet is full of retards , they love to call themselves otaku , narutard and bleacher while not knowing that all those are meant to be a discriminatory terms. It is like saying, “HALO WORLD , I AM A FUCKER HERE , HAIL ME , I AM SO PROUD OF BEING A FUCKER THAT FUCK A COW. WHAT”S MORE IMPORTANT IS THAT I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS A FUCKER! IT JUST SOUND SO COOL TO BE DEEM AS A FUCKER.”

Seriously , if you want to call yourself a fucker , at least do it the mango-chan style, full of troll and lol.


Now then I know why so many people love to ridicule others . IT IS SOO FUN!

Credits: Picture from ,…/s320/naruto+baby.jpg and OTAKU TERROR .