IWICSYI made another legend today , it is this kind of legend that keep me going everytime . I  always hope that we can surpass a higher milestone and make a bigger legend out of it , but everything needs to be done step by step . 13 days with 1000 views will be a good start for another legend. So who is the 1000th visitor then?

For our loyal readers ,  his name will not be unfamiliar to you! He is our beloved reader CJC!!!!!!! One look at his name and you will know that he will become a legend one day , CJC , omg , who else have such a cool name like him? Yea , find that name familiar? He is actually mention in newton 100th law , law 36. He is also the proud owner of the blog , AI-Alieninvasion .

More about our 1000th visitor.

He is an unrefined diamond lying on a road , getting unnoticed. No one bother to pick him out and carve him into a valuable diamond , everyone is blinded by all the shitty rock surrounding him . He has talents in basketball but does not have the opportunity to showcase it .

All these is due to one of the biggest problem faced by Singapore nowadays ; the lack of attention in sports.  We don’t have a lot of special integrated programme to nurture sportsmen but we do have a lot of restriction to bind the progress of it.  This is due to Singapore being  more inclined to academic result than others activities like sport. But we can’t fault the government for that ,we are what we are today due to more focus put in academy . A fast growing country need more educated talent rather than a high influx rate of sportsmen. Something like sport should only be build up on after we reach a stable state in our progression.

But the problem is we started it too late. That”s one of the reason why we need to import foreign talents . Foreigner have a better foundation in sports than the local due to more exposure of sporting event in their country , and we  need their exposure to build our sport foundation fast.

Although I do agree that foreign talent may hinder our local talents path , but it is actually a long term plan. Foreign talent helps us  laid our foundation in sport in a more efficient rate .  With this foundation  build , our future generation will only profit from it . This may lead  to sacrification of local talents now but it is a plan that will benefit our country more in the future.

Elaboration of why foreign talents help in building our foundation fast.

It has been proven that foreign talents play better than locals by the table tennis team. They are the only team that won an award out of so many sporting event we participated in Olympic 2008. And them being an all foreign talents team is not surprising.

Them winning more awards means more attention will be put on sports. More awards also mean that our quality in sport will increase . With quality and more attention come larger revenue , our foundation in sport could build up faster with those revenue.  So all in all , recruiting foreign talents will be the best move as for now.

OK , so how did we get so out of topic in the end? Our main hero today is CJC ! We must talk more about him. But I guess I will made a post about that the next time round , for now I will just show you how amazing he is.