Recently , I read an interesting article and decided to blog about it. The article is about a university module on the topic “pornography”. Below is the full transcript of the original article in Chinese . The bold  text is the subheading for the article .  I will also add my interpretation/translation for the article in English to show off my “fabulous translating” skill.


大學辦“色情片分析”課,女教授播A片講解– A pornography module is being set up in a Taiwan university.


~ Pornography is da best!!! It must be a creation of a genius by using the Newton 100th law !!! Parents thinks that watching pornography online is good , because it gave their children free virus!FREE VIRUS! Can you imagine that? How often can you get something free while online!! Not only that , studies have also shown that  pornography is the essence of human life ,it build out the foundation for our boner!! It is so awesome that it gave us a BONER!! Other research has also shown that by masturbating while watching porn , you can live a healthier life!! It’s effect is even said to be  better than Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps. Even that worm like veggie can’t hold a candle when compared with porn. Some students even confessed after classes saying,We are not ashamed when we watch porn; it is our life!”


~When the module is introduced , there are about 100 applications , but not long after the class starts , 60 students decided to quit . They just couldn’t comprehend the thoughtful insights found in pornography!! Remembering technical terms like blow job is too DIFFICULT!!! Some dropouts said that it is even more complex than calculus and quantum physics! All this shows that the study of pornography is deep, “Evangelion” type of deep . We should by all means look beneath its surface and analyse it thoughtfully and replay it for 100 times on loop! By doing that , you may discover that pornography films are better than most of the OSCAR films.

學生:認識兩性平等權Student: Porn teaches me about equality for both sexes

~One of the students gave this statement: After attending this course , I found out that blow job feels good.

Another female student said: My parents and my boyfriend are very understanding when i take up this course . They feel that my skills will improve from this course. They wished that I can make their CHIN CHIN KIMOCHI!

The professor also added that: You can run , but you can’t hide. Porn is your life! Accept it, and be happy .


Porn is education , that's why tony taka is the best lecturer

Porn is education , that's why tony taka is the best lecturer

*The above interpretation/ translation is inspired by a post from TJ_Han , RIUVA. I will also like to thanks nyoro~n fansub for the idea of a parody sub