I come across this video by a friend of mine , inspirational, well,  he is not fully disabled, but, close enough . it shows that even though you might be involved in an accident and encounter setbacks like breaking  your neck, leg, hand, feet, toes or maybe even you-know-where for the males.

sure, you might not be able to walk properly, or not even be able to walk, cannot enjoy your delicious porn properly,  some cannot wank off anymore,  dun be so discouraged, there is  definitely something you can do to make it better. we fully-abled ppl should be glad we’re, well, fully-abled. n thus, the morale of the story, lets go get involved in a car accident and dance as 1337 as him.

*disclaimers: get involved in the accident at your own risk,  the team of dis blog is not responsible for any course of action u take, but if it does work, we’d be glad to accept a kind donation frm part of ur insurance.