No , it is not about Obama , it is actually about some changes in this blog that I want to talk about . It had been about a month since this blog started and we are able to update at least once everyday. But this will be change . Every member in the team is facing a writer block now even though none of us is a writer.  So this blog may or  may not have a daily update now , but rest assured , we will try our best to at least update it once a week .

Our aim will change too . The blog grew pretty fast when it is fresh , but nowadays , the viewer rate is declining . So it’s time to face the reality , none of us havte he ability to keep our viewers interested and make this blog popular.  But that does not mean that this blog will die , we will still update it frequently to build up our skill so that one day , this blog may be a hit.

In a nut shell , ours , ok at least me will have a different ideal for this blog now. Because none other members really want this blog to be popular in the 1st place . Not to mention , our ultimate goal will still remain the same.