You know , i never celebrate my birthday before , and by never , I really mean never . Never as in never ever , never as in really that never that is define in dictionary , NEVER!

At the  most , I will recieve 2 sms  from my friend wishing me happy birthday. But I don’t like that , it will cost me ten cent to sms them back . Yea , I know that i can use a $20 dollar prepaid card and last for 6 month with a value of at least $4 left in the end when the card expired , but I am trying to further improve on that record , so ten cent times two may be an huge obstacle for my record breaking . So what’s the whole point of this post?

The whole point is that next time , please be more pratical and  give me an 1 terrabyte external harddisk or a full series of  any comic at the very least for my birthday present. Otherwise , visit this blog and refresh it a 1million time to pump the blogstats into a million views. But i guess the former choice will be easier , so prepared at least $80 for my birthday.

Oh , and don’t buy me  cakes. I hate cakes , especially cakes that cost $4 a piece. I won’t mind if it is DIY  , but just don’t buy it from any store , especially a cake store named “Cartel”.

OMFGSHITROFLLOLLMAOLAUGHOUTLOUD , I forgot that my birthday had already passed since last year , and last last year and last last last year and last last last last last year. Wise man said that past is something you can’t regain back . So i guess that I won’t have anymore birthday since it is already passed and became a past.  Wise man also  said that when you missed something , it will not come again .  I guess that means that my birthday present will not come anymore due to it being missed for nearly two decades.

I don’t mind tenga product for my birtday too ^ ^ -_- <.<  >.> o.o O.o o.O, omg emoticon look so gay , only gay man love to use it everynow and then , especially during msn conversation and tagbox. But I like orz nevertheless.