I have enough of haruhi season 2!!! Can everyone shut up and just go along without commenting about haruhi season 2 when kyoani decide to do some other stuff? It has been going on for frigging 3 years!!!

First , people complain about kyoani wasting their time to remake kanon , but the end product made those whinnier dumbfounded .

Second , everyone think that lucky star will be just another failed ripoff of azumanga daioh when kyoani decide to animate that , but little did they know that Lucky Star will become one of the most popular show nowadays.

Third , Munto , you get it , a portion of whinnier do their job of no haruhi 2 yet again . Why frigging haruhi 2?? Didn’t season 1 wrap thing off nicely? So what if there are more source material? Stuff like Kure-nai also have more source material but did you see it getting a season 2? NO!

So please don’t ever comment about haruhi 2 again , it is pretty annoying. Although Haruhi is god but it is not something that worth mentioning everytime for a season 2.

Disclaimer : For Aya fans , please do watch akasaka , you will hate her after that. Marina Inoue is clearly the winner. She is pretty though.