I learned that working is damn easy . It is so fun, relaxing and money really do come easy . I learned how to hack a trolley from supermarket and where do they place their condom. I also learn that you must not drink any canned drink directly with your mouth touching the tip of the can , it won’t turn into a beautiful girl but may be your last drink if those drink is handled by me. I learned about how beautiful my town is when I am working , because I wandered around the town more instead of working .

In a nutshell , working won’t be a learning process , you are just repeating the same old procedure everyday during work . You won’t learn any new things after the 3rd day of work. It is better off if you stay at home and read 20 article on Wikipedia per day, it is more educational and beneficial that way.

FYI , I worked in a Supermarket as a promoter cum merchandiser cum sercurity guard.

Melon is called Melon because she is not coke

Melon is called Melon because she is not coke