Each and everyday , you will look at yourself through the mirror and ask , “Why do I look so average , why can’t my face be like Andy Lau?” Then you decided to take a walk . You will proceed to your wardrobe and get yourself the conventional attire ; Jeans+T-shirt. After putting on your Nike shoe and carrying your nerdy backpack with water bottle by the side , you step off the house. You reached the train station and decided to just board the oncoming train without any plans.

Out of the sudden , you heard the announcer announcing “City Hall interchange. Passenger going toward Bugis , Pasir Ris or Changi Airport , please cross the platform and transfer into another train. City Hall interchange , please mind the platform gap. Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu” By then , the name Bugis rings in your mind. You thought to yourself ” Bugis does sounds like some old village where only a bunch of dull and obsoleted villagers reside , hence , maybe I can shine and become one of the most handsome guys in that village …” So , you decided to cross the platform and board the train.

You are despair , Bugis has left you in despair . Little do you know that Bugis is one of the largest city in your country . A city area where cool guys and lots of Andy Lau imitate resides. Your dream of being a handsome guy surrounded by field ploughing villagers is shattered in an instance. You are in a dilemma on whether or not to continue your walk. Your legs are heavy , your perspiration is as thick as your cum , and you can’t go on anymore. The more you look around , the more melancholic you become .

You want to give up , you want to end your life . But life is full of sunshine , even if you are being outshone , there will still be sunshine somewhere out there. You reached a traffic light and look up and saw “Sunshine Plaza” . It that your sunshine? you ask . While you ponder on whether Sunshine Plaza is really your sunshine or just another trap to escalate your forlornness , you are being pushed by the crowd towards it. After crossing the traffic light , you free yourself out of the crowd and find yourself inside “Sunshine Plaza” . It must be destiny , you say to yourself. So , you decide to take a stroll in there .

A signboard from a store caught your eyes . Before you could read out what is stated on the signboard , you see glaring light beaming out from the store and heard a voice “Come in , come in , come in! ” A portal appears out of no where and you are being sucked into it .

After much swirling and twirling , you arrive at your destination , a country named ****. Inside , you see lots of nerdy looking inhabitants that clad themselves in  Gurren Lagann Sports Jacket (Believe) with short pants plus  cowboy boots . You look at yourself now . You find that your Jeans+T-shirt+Nike shoes look so fashionable as compared to their ridiculous combination . 90% of the population residing there have atrocious sense of fashion , wearing T- shirts with skimpy 3D girls imprinted on them while having tatter jeans for the bottom and  slippers as footwear .Not to mention , a sport jacket that make them look more sluggish.

Most of them have sizes that made your build look like some well trained sportsmen . Their complexions are so dull that they make you look like some pretty face celebrities when you stand beside them . You are easily the most fashionable and handsome guy even if you only have an average look with a conventional attire of jean+t-shirt+sportshoe when you are there. Even your nerdy backpack with a water bottle beside look like a Prada handbag compared to their bulgy bags used in military training with TWO water bottles on each side of the bag. You will also be relieved that your mom who is a typical “auntie” looks younger and much prettier than any of those female(?) residing there .

Thoughts of the store being a devil lair strike you . You pay more attention to their action and found out that they are oogling on some skimpy clothing plastic girl . Some even want to trade those girl using their soul and gold . You are afraid , very afraid .

Someone noticed that you aren’t one of them . He then come near you and rattle off chant about  6 world combining into one , the advent of the devil is coming and you must escape . He then uses his drill and pierce through the heaven to create a portal . You got sucked into the portal. Before you vanish from the world using the portal , you saw concern eye from those “inhabitant” showering on you .

When you are out of there , you  breathe a sigh of relief . You have gained so much confidence regarding your look and told yourself that you can get a girlfriend soon since you are so much better than so many people . You are relieved that your fashion sense is not that bad at all .

But most importantly , you will realise that every indiviuality will have a paradise of his own and yours will be that lovely store full of passionate “inhabitants” with bad sense of fashion .

You will also understand the logic of not judging the book by it’s cover.  Having bad sense of fashion doesn’t equate to bad personallity . So , never look down on others no matter how wierd and out of fashion they looked , they have qualities that worth some credits too. You just need some interaction with them and you may be amazed that they are just a bunch of shy and friendly people , not some anti-social outcast in the society that you have imagined beforehand.


^ Deluded by deluder deluding dedulsional delusion.