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No , I did not do that on purpose, it just happened.


Report report …. …. ok , recieved , got it ,over .

We just received a report from our spy saying that one of our group member will undergoes transgender operation and severe plastic surgery in order to become the next Haruhi . He( She in future) also decided to buy a wii  to play the Haruhi dancing game in order to learn every posture of Haruhi . It is always his dream to become a lesbian  and perform lots of Haruhi’s tsundere moment. For now , he is a gay that uses gay emoticon like a gay. But don’t worry , after transgender operation , he will be a lesbian . Report also said that he will not cut away his dick , so you  can enjoy some funatari action from him , especially that anime girl with penis guy.

Prove of wanting to be haruhi

He is synchronising with the clock.

The Pirate Bay is the most hardcore pirate in the world.  Even China can’t beat them . Prepare for too long but interesting read. Read the rest of this entry »

Every blogs have a mascot , we must have ours too . That’s right ! We will be holding a contest for mascot design! For interested participant, please comment and provide a link for the final product of your design. Below will be the entry requirement.

Entry requirement 1 : There won’t be any entry requirement.

So , there you have it , we will have our own site mascot to commemorate our 3000 visit . When will this site get it’s million view? I don’t care about that anymore , now my main objective for this site is to treat it as a learning ground . Mastering html , css , update frequently , improve English , provide platform for people to waste their time and learning photoshop skill will be the main priorities now. But it definitely won’t hurt if the viewership will be double or triple per day.  That’s all folks , KTHXBAI!

Tripeman is the best mascot.



School day is frigging awesome , I tell you , frigging awesome!! It is the second bestest best anime after QUALITY anime Musashi Gundoh. Look at it’s title , School DAys , SCHOOL DAYSSS , with such an unprecedented  title , it must be an EPIC anime about SLICING your life !!!! It will undoubtedly be a story full of angst , regret , betrayal , great pumping sword wielding action and a fucking serious ROMANCE!!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Firstly you can download the program called “Cheat Engine”  from


Install the program and open the program.

Click on the icon on the most top left.

Attach the person who you wanna annoy to CE as of above….


Key in “1” into the box and click first scan….

3-copyTadaa…….. after CE first scan this should be the result…..

the next few steps gonna be crucial so listen carefully….

nudge the person and input “0” (zero) into the box and click next scan….

after 10-13 secs , input “1” and click next scan…..

nudge the person and input “0” (zero) into the box and click next scan….

after 10-13secs , input “1” and click next scan…..

this time round the address found should be less than 5 .

click on any and freeze it @ the value of “1”

Tada you had just make ur own little annoying tool….


Stay tuned for more posts on how to do certain stuffs….byebye

When you have the best anime , you must have the worst anime also right? SO what is the worsest worst anime in the whole wide world! Don’t blink your eye and behold. The worst anime MUST goes to …… TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANNNNN!!!!!!

Fuck that shit , shitsux , I will tell you why that show stupid suck .

1st , the animation ,  what the hell is that shit , every second of it is  mind blowing while blending in slapstick element with funky , futuristic style of animation . That must be shit ? Serious is always the best ! THE old animation must win the futuristic one RIGHT? Mind blowing sound like blowjob and blowjob is always bad ! Blowjob does not feel great right? RIGHT! Not to mention , the animation is made by GAINAX , that cow milking  company that made the shit Eva , Eva suck ! So every of their title must suck unlike the magnificent ACC PRODUCTION .* Glitter Glitter*

2nd the sound :

What sound? I can’t frigging hear any sound . The background music blend in sooo well with the animation , it is like it never exist! Thing that never exist while existing is contradiction ? Contradiction must get OBJECTION! right? Phoenix give OBJECTION! when something is wrong ? So blending in so well with the animation must be wrong ? WRONG MUST BE BAD RIGHT! RIGHT!

3rd the story:

Believe in the me who believe in the you , if i expertise in  digging the ground , I can pierce through the heaven!!!!!! I can use my small drill and make BIG BIG hole onto a BIG BIG man! With my drill , every blue headed will be retard while every red headed will have big breast . I am not a gay , I am SHIIITMON!!!!!! Everyone die and story ends. 1/10 Row Row FIGHT THE POWAH AND POKE THE ASS!!!

That must be the worst story ! Even some ketchup running around committing bestiality with cute monster that rub their face endlessly is better than this POS.

4th , Enjoyment.

This will be it only redeeming point . It is soooo bad it is good.

I will give you a glimpse on how fucking shit it is , this must be the shock of your life , the discovery of the worsest worst anime in the whole wide world!  Shining Wind X Tear , Anyone you can do , I can do better ,  Crystal Triangle and Koizora are gold compare to this shitty anime . It is a anime about shit , suck, bad animation , so retard it turns into a comedy , slice your head ,poke the ass and everything shitty . Behold THE WORST PART IN THE ANIME!!!

Best anime subbed by the BEST fansubber must goes to MUSASHI GUNDOH ! “What’s so good about this anime ? I had never heard of it before!” you asked . That’s what astounding about this anime , NO ONE frigging heard of it before !  Have you heard of the legendary ACC PRODUCTION!? I bet  you have no idea what that  is , that’s why you fail at life .They made EPIC ANIME , epic I said . The like of Gainax and BOnes look like worm in front of them , their animation skill made the earth  tremble while making lighting a matter.

The author of the show is also a legendary being , THE MONKEY PUNCH!!! He spend 12 years squeezing his brain juice , killing away 103496912452345221312309 number of brain cell to come up with the fucking amazing story of MUSASHI GUNDOH! That must be the epic!

IT IS SO EPIC even it’s Chinese wikipedia page  is full of untranslated JAPANESE!!! Japanese always make good stuff right? RIGHT!

Aren’t that amazing? DESHO DESHO?  The thing you never heard before must be legendary right . RIGHT!

I will give you a glimpse on how fucking epic it is , this must be the shock of your life , the discovery of the bestest best anime in the whole wide world! Tengen toppa , last exile , GITS , Eva ,  Haruhi and Higurashi are shit compare to this almighty anime . It is a anime about your angst , romance , action , comedy , slice your life and everything else . Behold THE BEST PART IN THE ANIME!!!


Everyone love penis.

Phoenix aka Ian wrote this:

When a freak accident happens, who is to take the blame? Or to put it into another perceptive, is anyone to take the blame? This complex dilemma, reveals the selfish and sorry state of human nature. Everyone, from rogues to priests, are susceptible to the dark side of his or her own psyche. In this essay, I am going to bring out the flaws of law and justice, and fundamentally, the moral values of humans.

To start with, consider this analogy:

“A jaywalker is being knocked down by the car in the street. Only one driver is involved in the accident. The jaywalker is being brought to the hospital, but died on the way there. The driver is not doing any criminal wrong, but he is still condemned and blamed for the jaywalker’s death”

Another analogy:

Colin Stagg, a British who recently got “acquitted” from any criminal wrongdoings, is blamed (by society) for sexually assaulting and murdering Miss Nickell for 16 years, ever since her death in 1992 till now. British Media are partly responsible for portraying a negative image of Colin Stagg.

There are similarities in the otherwise 2 different scenarios is that they are the victims. Victims who are scapegoats of what is society’s desires to have someone accountable for any wrongdoings. The next question, is why people want to blame Read the rest of this entry »


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