duntcha find it rather annoying when ppl goes to u n ask u “do u have dis song? can u dl it for me?” “heres the link imeem.comx0rzzz/song” sometimes its a gal n u have no choice n help them dl,sometimes ur reali busy n u go “gimme a moment” n they go happily smiling and says “thx :D” while u start to search ur guts out for the song thinking “if onli i could directly dl it frm the site”, or u find it annoying to keeps asking ppl to help u find n dl songs.

Step 1: www.file2hd.com (pls use mozilla firefox as it works onli there)
Step 2: click tools at www.file2hd.com n dl it (instructions are there)

Step 3: Convert ur FLV song into an MP3 song.

viola! its done.

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