Just when Shouryu is dying, we found out that we actually have ran out of stock of phoenix down! OMFGWTFBBQHAXX0RZ! Just when Holydreams is finding the culprit who is responsible to stock up on our stock of phoenix down, he found out that Phoenix flew away with all the phoenix down!

It is rumored that Phoenix is currently hiding in China, the rural areas of Yinchuan. Reports have it that Phoenix is currently brewing  an immortal pill with his phoenix downs, however, the ingredients required are not as simple. A strand of hair from a colour wolf, the cum of Shouryu and the dreams of Holydreams, and along with various other confidential materials are items missing from our warehouse. The procedure is renowned to be very risky and 10 out of 10 reported incidents resulted in catastrophe where the pill being made is not an Immortal Pill, but a super effective slimming pill. /That was how Slim-10 came about in our  history but we shan’t delve deeper into that incident/

Spy reports have updated us of Phoenix’s current actions but not location. Phoenix has managed to get about 85% of the ingredients required, as he himself told our spies about that information via 2 cups and a string, and he had gotten most of the ingredients in China. Notably one of the most important  ingredients being used is “San Lu” Milk brand. It’s cheap, efficient and a guaranteed99.719% of causing the concoction to become something other than the Immortal Pill that Phoenix is seeking.

Shouryu, meanwhile, lies unfazed upon his bed, and has the energy to summon upon to continue  updating his beloved blog. At the same time, Snake is busy snapping up-skirt  pictures with his newly acquired phone and fapping simultaneously; whereas Holydreams is currently searching for the meaning of “stab jaka” and  stalking bluzes as a leisure – currently both bluzes and Holydreams are in the Artic poles. Bluzes, on the other hand, is thinking of how to stalk Holydreams in a more scarier manner not realizing he’s being stalked. And for the case of Phoenix.. well that’s another story(refer to above).

In conclusion, Phoenix is currently a fugitive and is wanted by the Interpoo for stealing 666 phoenix downs and 696929126 million gils. Hence;



Of course, there shall be a reward for capturing him. All of Snake’s manga collection shall be given to the person who caught him alive, all of Snake’s up-skirt pictures shall be given to the  person who bring him back dead, and a tight  slap from all of our group  members for bringing him back halfway in between. If our lost possessions were part of your haul, you shall be invited to our members only section and enjoy having your virginity taken away by us  (You must never have done this [referring to anything that you never done before] before… we shall teach you how and take away that very virginity)

Regards, Holydreams.