Everyone had been trolled . A lot of us misunderstood and thought that the lunar new year is actually the arrival of spring. But the truth is , the arrival of spring only occurs few days after.

This year , the arrival of spring happens during 4th of February at 00.00.54 am GMT+8 . Legend said that on the very moment of the arrival of spring , raw egg could stand on their own . Being the curious me , I put the legend into test just now . I knew the result beforehand because I had already tried that out last year and it succeeded .

You may call it superstitious or me trying to bluff my way through but it’s all your choice of believing it or not. Below is a picture evidence . I swear to god , Allah and Buddha that I did not use any fanciful camera angle trick or a hard boil egg to made it happen.


Maybe a watermark of time and date would be a better evidence , but if you don’t believe it in the 1st place , no amount of evidences could satisfy you .

So , do any of the readers knew this legend ? If not , it is time to read up on your own cultural instead of listening to some rap that no one understand.

Oh and for people that ditch their mother tongue , like someone call Phoenix , I am pretty disappointed in you . There are terms such as banana to describe the like of Phoenix.