I am almost legendary now . Even Japanese endorse my youtube video. If you don’t believe that youtube video shown on the screenshot is mine , click the link supply on top to gain access to the Japanese blog and double click on the 3rd youtube video. Click the uploader name which is “kaizu3636” and you will enter my exceptionally beautiful fabulously done youtube page . You will able to see a video of a big mouth women uploaded by me which will look familiar to you if you are our regular readers.

Oh , not to boast or what ,but that Japanese blog have 1million+ views . Hail me  , the legendary being  please , how many of you out there can be as successful as me now in blogging . Hurf durf .

^Above show a great example of overeacting to small issue . Bloggers of my caliber will understand why I made such a huge fuss out of it .