That youtube video made me interested in Moetan even though anidb listed  it as a shit show mixed with all the genre that I hate.

My inner pedobear tinkle after watching that video even though I presumed that I had forsaken that part of me long ago since Manabi Straight . Just when I manage to skip all those loli shit for almost a year and get into those “Monster” shit by jumping onto the “deep” anime bandwagon , Moetan came  to haunt me down. That’s the power of moe and loli.

Loli aren’t even deep at all , irregardless of it being physically or mentally.  The only explanation I could think of for this sudden impulse of wanting to watch a loli anime will be  a curse cast apon me by Holydream , the pedophile in disguise . Loli and moe to him are more important than breast and pussy , that’s why he always buy shit moe  manga and having no interest in those unarguable good one such as “Mushishi” and “Pluto”. He watched anime such as  Shana , Higurashi , Nanoha , Lucky Star , Ichigo Mashimaro and Manabi Straight just because all those character in the anime are moe  . He ditched Kanon 2002 because they mess up his moe characters , take note of the usage  “his” here , he have a delusion of thinking those characters belongs to him. He also hates mecha genre because it is full of sexy ladies without much moeness at all.

You may doubt about the credibility of my description of him, but I dared to said that only 40% of the whole description is a lie . Whereas , it will be 90% fact if it is used to describe me.

~Next Installment ~ Facts about Phoenix , 新年快樂。 Coming soon.