Holidays eat peoples’ mind and made them retarded , especially so for loser like me . Normal  life cycle for a loser during holidays will be sleeping at 5 am and wake at 5pm ,then finished their breakfast cum lunch cum dinner all in one row . After that, they will watch anime from 6pm to 5am  . The cycle repeats .

That’s why loser like me are always smelly because we don’t have even a second to bathe . We are also very childish because we only lived 5/6 of what normal people lived by sleeping half the day thru, 12hr straight for our whole lifetime. So when they are 25 , they will only experience 12.5 years of life . Yea that’s right , there are no contradiction at all , everyday is a holiday to losers.

So , if you want to be some clever nerd like Phoenix , you don’t sleep for 3 years , that way you will at least live about 36500% more of your life than others if counting normal sleeping hours as 8hr.  You will be 3 years old when you are 3 , but others will be 2 when they are 3. Not to mention , your life span will also be cut by 3 years too .

In conclusion , I am having my holidays now  and  is choosing to continue the path of loser  because I want to be at least 80 years old when I die even though I only experienced 40 years of  life .