Below will be a list of terminologies and instructions you need to know to survive on a Chinese forum , especially those that dwell with animes . Get familiarize with it and you will be able to obtain Chinese fansub and ditches all those slow English fansub. FYI , almost half of the active English fansub group now uses  translation from Chinese sub to translate it into English. So why not just get those first-hand goods without any cross translation if you know your language well?

There are several ways of getting hold of chinese fansub .

Number1: Bit torrent trackers . need me to say more?

Number 2 : Emule

Number 3:  My favourite ways of getting chinese fansub , download it from file hosting site which link could be found on forum. <- This site need registration . You will also need to made about 5 introductory post to each of the beginner thread to gain access of it’s service. You will also need to reply to thread to gain access of hidden link for files that are hosted on file hosting site such as Megaupload and some other faggortory site. Just reply some nonsense about the character design or anything relevant to the anime, no one will care or read it . Yea , that’s what they got from this retarded rule , lots of non-spamming spam churned out in one min from me. Download link are always alive and the choice of fansubbing group for their hosted file are mostly top -notched <- Another forum that host animes using file hosting site . This site need registration too but the search interface is more well organize and you don’t need to reply to anything to gain access of links to download your file . One thing that suck about this site is they host shitty fansub group files sometimes. That is the only reason why the 1st site is better than this one .It  supplies dead link sometimes too .

Some proficient fansub groups that I knew are



动漫花园字: DMHY






There may be more , but those group pretty much covered most of the show airing now . Lots of people misunderstood and thinks that Chinese fansub are the worst of it’s kind due to HK sub , but I can tell you , with my prior experience , they are not only faster , but on par in their translation with english fansubs . Lots of English fansub groups uses Chinese sub is one concrete prove of Chinese sub being top-notched in amateur subbing.



繁體字-Traditional Chinese

簡體中文- Simplified Chinese

樓主-Thread Master

新貼-New post




字幕組-Fansub Group

RMVB – RealMedia Variable Bitrate

– RealMedia Variable Bitrate is a container for video similar to our usual avi and mkv . Chink love to use rmvb due to the fact that the final video file will be of small size of 100mb . It will be faster to encode using rmvb too , that’s why they could release their anime withing 2 to 3 hr after the airing . About the video quality , if you have a monitor size of 17 or 19 inches and doesn’t care about some artefact here and there , the quality is all right . Better than crunchyroll streaming for sure.


They uses Mkv for their HD dvd/blueray rip when it is available .


Most of the time , the file you downloaded are in the format of a zip folder. They are encrypted with password sometime . So , if you found that the password you copy and pasted didn’t work , you could try using a Chinese applocale or switch your Unicode to Chinese .

For people that couldn’t understand Chinese subtitle even thou they are a Chinese , they have wasted almost 10 years of their Chinese education . They failed pretty much . Oh and about traditional Chinese , they are similar to simplified Chinese , you won’t need 10 times more of your brain cell to interpret what’s being said .