I found out that lots of anime dwell on about life cycle . Some examples will be Sky Crawler and Kurozuka . Both animes create the idea of a recurring dimension . Event happening now is actually a cycle of event happening 1000 or million years ago . These idea or structure show great resemblance to Buddhism teaching. Buddhism believed in retribution and reincarnation , and from the two shows above , especially Kurozuka , plot mostly on vicious life cycle and reincarnation were presented .

Let me give you an idea what’s kurozuka all about , if you do not want any spoiler , please stop reading this now .

Kurozuka is about a vampire named Kuro who lived from 1000 of years ago till modern days. He was granted immortality by his lover, Kuromistu . But little to he know , his immortality will be the start of his vicious life cycle . Even though he won’t die , his body will continue to age and wrinkled . That’s why per every 100 years or so , Kuromitsu will decapitate him and join his head to a newer body. But this movement will cost him all his memories that he held on during his previous body. Once he moved to his new body , he will set out on a quest to find Kuromistu whom he hold dearly. Reason of why Kuromistu leave him alone after helping him to join his body was not mentioned , so let just make do with it since it just an anime .

During his journey, he will always meet up with comrade that will help him find out the whereabouts of Kuromitsu . He will always be hunted by impious devils who were bewitched by the mystery of everlasting life. Finally , after much hacking and slashing of monster that look like some hideous pokemon , he will met his lover in the end. The bitchy girl that fucked and seduce thousand of guy throughout her whole lifetime will then decapitate Kuro yet again and help him find a newer body. The ending of the show depict these cycle going on and on and on and on and on and on again and again and again .

That will be the summary of the whole premise of kurozuka. Lot of details were left out , but that will be the gist of it .

That as you could see , dwell on about human life cycle and affinity that interlinks between everyone . What lesson lies behind the theme of repetitive life cycle? Is it the way of our life? A belief that explains our life? A system to explained how the world function? Or a indirect way of telling you that your life will suck and it will be looped with these boring cycle like harvest moon? The answer could only be derived using more analysis and indept thinking which causes 5023902103912232 brain cell to die . I am afraid that I couldn’t give you an answer to the question with my intellect level , maybe some of our visitor may provide us with a better insight of the theme on life cycle .

Finally , if you’re finding animes with outstanding FF7 advent children type of action and twisted element of everlasting love , Kurozuka will be for you . But to fully enjoy the show , please turn off your brain and accept what ever happens in the show , don’t get picky and dwell onto the plots , it won’t be hard to find that the show is full of ridiculous and unanswered moment . If you find the flashback confusing , I recommend you to watch Ayakashi , if you are able to comprehend whats what on that show , you will most likely be able to understand any animes with ease.

Plot Bashing:

OMG , so many people are bashing the plot , some even said that lucky star have 10 times better plot than kurozuka , what had moe done to poeple? God, save them from moe! Seriously, I could not understand why people are dissing the plot , I myself find it captivating and interesting even though it hold no depth .

Animes is about how much enjoyment you get from it , not how much logic it holds . Epic animes like Kanon 2006 ( retard moe girl+magical fantasy umpossible storyline) , Tengen Toppa (You could beat anything with your will power!) or even Evangelion (huh? huh? Oh , oh , so Rei being naked is consider philosophical .) holds not much logic too.

9 out of 10 people said that character in Kurozuka are dull and developement is not shown , but in my eyes , the characters are interesting in their own way , at least I cried when someone died. For developement , I could see a sight hint of Kuro developing from a heartless monster to someone with emotion. Him trying with all his might to save Rai and his hidden agonize when his comarade dies shows developement . If you want to complain about dull sterotypical and undeveloped characters , Lucky Star have a bunch of them . The power of moe again anyone?

Lucky Star Girls:

Konata ( sterotypical, pedophile luring, moeblob and loli lookalike girl)

Kagami (sterotypical tsundere)

Tsukasa (sterotypical imouto)

Pink hair girl whom name I forgot even though she is one of my favourite girl in LS ( HUh , development where? Please kill off Kagami and give this big breast girl more screentime.)

The other LS girls ( Typcial sidekick)

Compare with Kurozuka characters:

Kuro (badass sword wielder)

Kuromitsu ( sexy girl that eveyone want to have sex with her)

Benkei ( Side kick that betray his master because he want to have sex with Kuromitsu)

Kuon ( Badass anti hereo whom is a clone that turns into a maniac due to obession to Kuromistu)

Karuta ( With my awesome driving skill , I can vroom to anywhere. ~Perform initial-D power driving skill and die~ )

Rai ( Hot sexy blonde girl that is so useful in many ways, unlike some typical useless girl that only know how to whine. )


Nuff said , Kurozuka together with Macross Frontier, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Kurenai gave me the bestest best impression for the lackluster 2008. I have not watch Code Geass ,Ef and Kaiba yet , lol.

G00d series but fail at some point:

Clannad season 1 = fail rip off of Kanon. True tears = bird can fly , chicken can’t. Toshokan Sensou=Chocolate Underground=Riduclous plot .

P.S : This post exhaust 1 week worth of my will to updates , lol. I did put in lots of effort unlike some post days before.