Phoenix aka Ian wrote this:

When a freak accident happens, who is to take the blame? Or to put it into another perceptive, is anyone to take the blame? This complex dilemma, reveals the selfish and sorry state of human nature. Everyone, from rogues to priests, are susceptible to the dark side of his or her own psyche. In this essay, I am going to bring out the flaws of law and justice, and fundamentally, the moral values of humans.

To start with, consider this analogy:

“A jaywalker is being knocked down by the car in the street. Only one driver is involved in the accident. The jaywalker is being brought to the hospital, but died on the way there. The driver is not doing any criminal wrong, but he is still condemned and blamed for the jaywalker’s death”

Another analogy:

Colin Stagg, a British who recently got “acquitted” from any criminal wrongdoings, is blamed (by society) for sexually assaulting and murdering Miss Nickell for 16 years, ever since her death in 1992 till now. British Media are partly responsible for portraying a negative image of Colin Stagg.

There are similarities in the otherwise 2 different scenarios is that they are the victims. Victims who are scapegoats of what is society’s desires to have someone accountable for any wrongdoings. The next question, is why people want to blame

Shouryu wrote this:

^ The carp analogy above is made up by our beloved Phoenix . People won’t condemned the driver that kill/hit the jay-walker , if you do , you must be some noob like Phoenix. It is clearly the jay-walker fault , only one with faulty mind will think of blaming the driver. Sweeping statement and assumption made by our dear Phoenix .

You are guilty before proven innocent , everyone know that even though the law  said otherwise . Blame  yourself for having such bad luck  to be suspected as a murderer . Anyway who knew that he was wrongly accused before the otherwise happened? No one know , that’s why it isn’t blaming at all . Please check your dictionary and get yourself a better definition on the word “blame”.

Another question to be asked , why do we only blame that someone when there are like so many others out there? It is because , the blamed  one is most likely those that did the crime due to their behaviour or past record. Irregardless , suspecting will suit the context more for Phoenix second analogy. It seems like he misunderstood blame with suspect , that’s why I used blame rather than suspect in this paragraph to play along with him.

The real blame game.

What’s a real blame then ? Here , I will  provide a much suitable and non smart alec style of analogy to explain it to you.

Analogy One: You forgot your house key on your own record , you are frustrated and blame your parent for not reminding you to bring your house key.

Analogy Two: Your soccer team loses the match , you are frustrated and blame your team mate for the lose despite that everyone put in their best .

Ah Ha , that will provide a better understanding to the word “blame”. As you can see , blaming is most likely unreasonable. The reason someone blame is not for a cure to the situation , it is just a remedy to tranquil their frustration. So in a nut shell , blaming is just a way to deceive yourself into thinking that you aren’t in any fault when shit happens period.

Final Word:

The selfish one calling others selfish , the one with no principle  lecturing us on principle. The promised one break the promise . That is the best oxymoron this century , all thanks to our beloved Phoenix.

Aria is a good show but Phoenix can't apreaciate it. In other word , IAN ,ARIA FUCKING WHERE?

Aria is a good show but Phoenix can't appreciate it. In other word , IAN ,ARIA FUCKING WHERE?

^To make this editorial anime related.

Credit to Kozue Amano

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