School day is frigging awesome , I tell you , frigging awesome!! It is the second bestest best anime after QUALITY anime Musashi Gundoh. Look at it’s title , School DAys , SCHOOL DAYSSS , with such an unprecedented  title , it must be an EPIC anime about SLICING your life !!!! It will undoubtedly be a story full of angst , regret , betrayal , great pumping sword wielding action and a fucking serious ROMANCE!!!!

What were done right in School Days.

1st , school days win in it’s comedy categories . It’s story is full of captivating upbeat comedies such as putting your head inside bowling ball bags while enjoying slicing people’s life using the slice of life genre. Slice of life+comedy is the best genre right? You get EPIC anime like Lucky Star , Azumanga Daioh and Ichigo Mashimaro in slice of life+comedy genre right? Lucky Star is the bestest best anime that every pedophile can relate to right? That will make the Slice of life+ Comedy genre the best genre right?That will also make the genre of school days the best right? Right!

2nd , it is serious romance.  You will  know that a anime is done correctly  when  it equate romance  to ditching away your fleshlight while gaining every abilities to fuck dozen of girls. That’s what I call serious romance.

Sex make the world goes around , it also add in depth and value to literature work . School Days have sex in almost every episode , that’s why it is full of depth and value. That’s also why it is the best romance series in the world . Everyone love sex right?

3rd: Action.

Seldom you will see a romance series having hardcore samurai sword wielding action . School Days have it , you will get to see hot school girls performing over the top sword skill in the last episode. Hot sword wielding girl must win right? Claymore is good because of that right? Everyone love Saber  because she have a nice body and can swing sword around right? No one love Nagisa because  she  lacks in the skill in swordplay right?

4th, the characters are badass with deep personalities.

1st , Makoto , he definitely live up his name . He is so truthful and sincere , he asked for permission before having sex. Just that the permission were all hidden so well , you can’t catch it on screen. He love his girlfriends too. By supplying them with a huge dick and unlimited amount of sperm , he show his undying love . How can one with no love goes on and on with sex after sex every episode? That’s what I call a deep personality , so deep that you will wonder why everyone want to have sex with him. But the reason must be deep as I said , shallow people like you and me will definitely not understand.

2nd , there is no second , Makoto is too badass ,he outshone every other character in the series.

Final Word

Nice Boat , a meme that received so much  love , even prestigious company such as Kodokawa used it  . What can I say more? NICE BOAT!


Credit : All image stolen from asucky.