Every blogs have a mascot , we must have ours too . That’s right ! We will be holding a contest for mascot design! For interested participant, please comment and provide a link for the final product of your design. Below will be the entry requirement.

Entry requirement 1 : There won’t be any entry requirement.

So , there you have it , we will have our own site mascot to commemorate our 3000 visit . When will this site get it’s million view? I don’t care about that anymore , now my main objective for this site is to treat it as a learning ground . Mastering html , css , update frequently , improve English , provide platform for people to waste their time and learning photoshop skill will be the main priorities now. But it definitely won’t hurt if the viewership will be double or triple per day.  That’s all folks , KTHXBAI!

Tripeman is the best mascot.