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Yes we’re very much alive realistically, thank you for your concern, but virtually we’re also very much alive, and yes thank you for your concern again. But why ain’t we blogging? Dunno. Maybe its because we’re just casual anime watchers as you’ve mentioned, that’s why we have not much passion for this blog? I dunno. In my case well I’m interested to post but so far I do not have much information to talk about. Why? Maybe be due to my limited knowledge of the anime blogosphere out there and not wanting to act like some know-it-all bastard.

As for Phoenix, well, what to say about him? Seeing him makes me want to laugh. hiding under the facade that he’s too busy for schoolwork, he’s actually playing Worms for 7 hours? And there’s much more to comment about him but well, I guess I’ll pass for now.

Snake is currently busy with real life stuffs so yea but at least anyhow post something is also fine?

Shouryu, or currently known as IWICSYI, is well… just see his  efforts.

bluzes… where the hell is he? No idea, and not bothering either.

So… Shouryu, we shall meet int he distant future, if  we were to survive the current journey right in front of us.

Still wanted, Dead AND Alive.

Still wanted, Dead AND Alive.


Before saying why bones is the best studio for me  , let’s talk about other studio first.

1. Kyoto Animation: Kyoto animation has the best skills in animation , no doubt about that. They can  make shit look beautiful , that’s why no one can defeat them as the best animator. But problem is , they do not have any decent original production. Munto suck , I watches episode one while sleeping . Clannad is not that great as well .

2. Sunrise: They are the pioneers , creating lots of original production such as gundam and code geass . But problem is , they are cheaters because they made too many show , that’s why the percentage of great show they made is high. Also , they are like the Hollywood now , producing show that will gain a lot of fanbase and suit the majority taste.

3. Production IG:  They have the best cg that I have seen . But they are always making slow deep shit nowadays . Production IG will be my second favorite studio , because the hit to miss ratio is 8 to 1 . NO matter how lousy the show they make is , you can at least enjoy its decent animation.

4. Shaft: Shaft is either a hit or miss because they are always producing anime with an abstract art style. But you know , I only like their sayonara sensei , ef and maybe the ugly yet beautiful world . Look like they are going to fail at Nastu no Arashi , tsk , and I thought that will be a decent series from the synopsis. The trailer just make everything look sucky. Will wait for  comment when it air to decide whether to follow it or not.

5. Gonzo : I like their dark contrasting animation style. But sadly , they are producing lots of shit show nowadays . They look like they are on the verge of closing down to me.

6 . Gainax – They made epic show , but only  every 3 years or so . The others that fill in the space in those 3 years are not that good.

7. Satelight – This studio started in 1995 , but they only produced not more than 20 show . But they are definitely a powerhouse for action genre , making great show like hellsing ultimate , macross zero and macross frontier. Definitely a studio to follow. Anticipating their Basquash and Guin Saga.

8. Brain base – Brain base is like Satelight twins , started on 1996 but produce not more than 10 show . Most of the show they create are great , such as baccano and kurenai. Their animation is very fluid and they can create great dialogues , but there are still some cases like Akikan.

9.Studio Deen – I think Studio deen hates me , every time when I follow their series , they give me crap like Shinning Tear X wind.

10.J.C Staff – I like JC Staff , they supplies the  relaxing feel. Everything is so bright and fluffy , it pleasure the eyes.  They create lot of great stuff like someday dreamer and  honey and clover. I like their kimikiss too .

11.Hal film Maker -Hal film maker is like the twin of Jc staff , they give off the relaxing and fluffy vibe too . They produced Aria and the second series of someday dreamer.

12. Madhouse – The anime powerhouse. They are best at creating anime with dark element. Follow their show and most of the time , you will get the best out of the season.They made a lot of show that dwell on psychology too. Those who like anime that works the brain should watch their show. Sometime , they make show like Chi sweet home and maple story too , don’t ask me why , I don’t know.

13. Unfotable – I only watches their Manabi Straight and that’s already like one quarter of their whole production.

Finally , my favorite studio,  Bones. Never have they failed me once. Sword of stranger is mine first encounter with them. They made the most addicting stuff and maranthoning their show is as easy as abc. Not only are they good at producing original story , they are good at adapting too .

Their story are captivating and the characters they create are very very badass  .Their theme and setting are heavy and matured . Stuff don’t really move that smoothly and not everyone live happily ever after . Fluid animation , great characters , great storyline , great production most of the time , so , what  more are you asking for?

Too bad they are producing FMA for the next season . You know , FMA look  like a sunrise show and I don’t really like sunrise that much.

Hence Bones will be my favourite , second will be production IG , third  will be Gainax and  fourth will be brain base .

April fool in the internet are the best kind of thing , but too bad , tommorrow I will miss it . Need to go to somewhere for a brainwash . Ya , nothing more lol.

Updated on 14/05/2009

After my last update , I have been buying lot more manga every week , so I must show it off and stick this post on the first page .

Comics that I have:

Mushishi 10 vols

Welcome to Nhk – 8vols

Bitter Virgin – 1 , reserved 2 to 4

Cross Over – 7vols

Dna^2 -5vols

Hatsukoi Limited -5 vols

Freeman – 9vols

Wild Life – 1-25 , hunting down 26 and 27

Cooking Master boy – 17vols

Angel Densetsu – 15 vols

Rurouni Kenshin – 28 vols

Monster – 18 vols – borrowed

F compo – 14 vols – borrowed

chobit – 8 vols

Dear – 12 vols

Kamisama Kaizoku – 5vols -borrowed

Aria+ Aqua – 14 volumes

Midori Day – 8 volumes

Mar + Mar omega – 19 volumes

GTO – china  bootleg , 25 volume compile into 4 volumes

Suzuka – 18 vols – Borrowed

Samurai champloo – 2volumes

Behind Master – 6 volumes

Comic Party – 5 volumes

Kami Kaze – 7 volumes

Kami to sensou – 10 volumes

MO Di – 1 – 13 vols

Flame Of recca 33 volumes

I”s 15 volumes

Ichigo 100% 19 volumes

Some loose volume of dragonball.

WTF , I never knew that I have over 300 volume of manga until now . Even if each of them cost $1 per book , it will be $300+! ZOMG!

The best in the list is the manga call “Dear” , so I urge everyone to take interest of it and borrow that crap from me.Thanks and goodbye.It is free , the criteria for those interested is : I must know you and you must know me.

Also , if you are selling chinese translated manga in Singapore , I am interested in these few titles.

Ichigo 100% 1-19

I’s – 1 to 15

Touch – 1 to 26 -> First Priority , If not , I have to read it thru illegal means .

Yu Yu Hakusho – 1 to 19

Getbackers 1-39

New orange road – 1 to 15(?) – 2nd priority

Honey and Clover – 1 to 10

Love Hina – 1to 14 + zero edition

Welcome to Nhk – 1to 8

Sekirei – 1 to latest

One piece – 1 to latest

Naruto (LOL) – 1 to lastest

Bleach (WTF) – 1 to lastest

Genshiken – 1 to 9

Cromartie High School – 1 to 17

I don’t mind fukup quality and yellow page , just no to torn page. I am a cheapskate, that’s why at the most ,I can only afford  $2 per volume. But I don’t mind paying more or the usual price for Genshiken , Cromartie High School . Leave a comment if you are selling these.

Wtf , why did I wait till now to watch darker than black ? It is fucking masterpiece. Sad thing is , I bet lot of people will find it boring because the first episode is really boring with lots of crap that no one will understand . By lot of people , I am talking about people belonging in the mainstream group. Avid anime viewers will definitely know that it will be good at first glance. They will wait patiently for the climax to start, and woah , the climax already starts in episode 2. But for mainstreamer , they will definitely put it off and go back to watch their naruto. This again bring us back to our previous post , you see , if you have the patience to wait for episode 2 to start , you will get a masterpiece .

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Now I know the reason why anime is niche . The bulge of our population are filled with impatient people that want things to be fast and easy to understand. Not many are willing to spend time to immerse themselves into a certain fandom. That’s why  anime ,  a medium that need patient and time is a niche market. You really need to watch a few series to get a hang on what will an anime installed for you , otherwise , you will think that every anime is pokemon.

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The anime scene nowadays is so lousy , I don’t even bother to update myself much. Tons of blog that I am following are dieing out , tons of news are of no interest. Tons of shit show come out every season . Tons of fansub group dieing here and there. Tons of manga nowaday look like shit . Tons of faggotory spurs out like sewer churn out shit water. Now I think will be a good time to quit everything for one go .

I am finding myself enjoying reading pre 2005 manga  more than watching the lastest anime. But old manga are mostly out of print and the second hand market is influx with tons of shoujo that no one care and overpriced goods.

But the worst thing that is happening now is the lack of discussion on the topic . Now , I am the one and only person that still take interest in anime and manga in my group , seriously , not a single of my friend know who is Hojo Tsukasa or even know what is darker than black! Everyone just watch it casually , never wanting to step in a little further to it . This causes me , the  anti herd , felt that anime is too niche to my liking.

I can always participate in forum you said. But problem is , I have enough of forum. Singapore forum is full of retard that is really retard. It is like a rubbish dump for spam. Some more , people residing there are either noob that is so noob or fraud elites that are too arrogant to my liking. International forum like is dying out soon too . No topic there is of my interest now , great poster die out and not much new blood come rushing in.

Come on , japan , please make something that will spark my interest again , you are not that creative and wierd nowadays . I am putting my every bet into Guin Saga now. So if it turn out to be shit , I should really consider to get casual too in this hobby.

Yea hot girl , comeon fap to it fap to it . It turn you on? No it shouldn't , because that is a boy , not my sideboob.

Yea hot girl , come on fap to it fap to it . It turn you on? No it shouldn't , because that is a boy , not my sideboob.

F.compo is such a great manga , I can’t use word to describe it even though I wanted to rave on it so much. The after taste of the manga is great. It will leave you in thinking about the story , urging  you to want more .  Generally , this manga really help in changing your perspective on transvestites. Surprisingly , this manga changed my attitude towards gay. I am always very disturbed by the idea of homosexual , but this manga allow me to be more accepting towards their behavior.

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The most important thing that should be presented in all romance genre are conflicts and tragedies. Why is a harem good in the first place? It is good because there are conflicts , choosing one will hurt another. What will the hurt  one do? What will happen in the race against the one you love? Who will finally be with the one they desire? What will then happen to the one that got rejected? All these stuff are unpredictable and get the viewer to be passive with the progress.

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Woah , Tayutama actually does have one of the best character desgin out there. You know , you won’t mind generic harem with hint of fanservice if the character design is that good .


stewiegriffin2You should watch the trailer , these pictures are not half as good as those shown in the trailer. Peodophile and moe loving loser will definitely love this series even though it promise no story. Even the male lead look ok. So will I watch this show? Probably not .


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