It is good , go watch the anime or read the manga . They have cute and likable character such as a growing up strong male lead and a cute and done right tsundere girl , not to mention ,with cute short hair too.

The story is full of  moments that will make you go all dawwwwwww , especially during  those lovely moment of interaction between each character. Not your typical generic romantic comedy due to it having a interesting theme and great setting for a story.

The fan-service is also done right , a correctly done  fan-service make you laugh while a poorly done one make you shit bricks. The comedy factor is great too , full of funny punchline that you least expected.

Every characters are great , conventional yet not generic at all . If you love character like nagisa’s dad from clannad ,  you will get 5 nagisa dad in Kamisama Kazoku , simply splendid.

In a nutshell , it is a romantic comedy that is truly romantic and funny unlike some wincest shit that name rhythm with ero so many Sagat. The theme is about god and angel between . If you like serious business , there are a few dark moment about some sexy devil or what not too.


Conflict in romance? vol2ps41

Cute and interesting character?

Done right fan-service?

Comedy that make me laugh?


Generic harem shit? x

Short hair girl?

Easy to watch/read?

1204032 episode? x

Snake will like it?

Holydreams will like it?

Biased rating : 9/10 , Unbiased rating: 73/100

I read the manga only fyi. The anime/manga is pretty underrated too , new fans that love Nanoha or Shana or what not will most likely miss this great piece.