This appear in the show , and I think it is air during kids time

This appear in the show , and I think it is air during kids time

No , Dragonball is not a show about naked man shouting to gain power level , it is a show with elementary moral value that everyone seems to neglect. You must think that I must be crazy by putting the word moral value with dragonball in a same sentence but I will tell you this , I am really crazy.

First , why do Akira Toriyama make Goku an alien? The reason why he made gouku an alien is because , he wanted to show the value of racial harmony by depicting someone without the same lineage as most of his friend but yet make every effort to protect every single of them. Earth is not his homeland but yet he is willing to protect it even if it cost his life.

I held Trunk dearly in vol 39 , seriously.

I held Trunk dearly in vol 39 , seriously.

Maybe using Goku here as an example is not appropriate due to him forgetting his own homeland from a accident when he is young. So , Vegeta may be a better choice to depict it.  Vegeta , a proud alien(Saiyan) came to earth with  evil intention  , but after some  hot sex with Bulma , he came! to understand the warmth and comfortable feeling Earth gave him. He understand the value of a family and friendship . This can be shown during volume 39 , when he held Trunk dearly and sacrificed himself by self exploding to kill away that fat piece of pink lump. He made this sacrifice to save earth from Buu and for his family. Even though he acts like a douche bag every time ,  we know that he is only trying to be tsundere , he is actually a nice guy that care about his family and show concern to a foreign land. Truly a great value we must learn.

orilla OHZARU
We, the citizens of Ape man,

pledge ourselves as one united people,

regardless of race, language or religion,

to build a democratic society

based on justice and equality

so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and

progress for our nation.

With great power come great responsibility and spiderman is shit because his responsibility is only USA , he doesn’t care about those Asian or African.  Unlike our beloved apes in Dragonball , they show care and concern to everyone , even those in another planet or dog. Dragonball is much better a conveyor of that message than Spiderman.Moreover they don’t wear clothes to disguise themselves , disguise is only for the weak , the strong one trained all their family members into strong fighters to protect themselves from villains. The strong one fight wihout clothes too.

Chances relies on ball

Chances relies on ball

Another interesting value we learn from dragonball is that , everyone not only have a second chance , but a third chance in life. Life is full of chances , even when you die , with strange aeons , the death may die too. In other word , you can start all over again even after you failed if you have enough motivation and the intention to do it. All these can be shown by reviving everyone using the dragonball .

Do you know what does that chinese/kranji word means? It means she die.

Do you know what does that chinese/kranji word means? It means she die.

So as you can see , Dragonball is not just some mindless shonen flick . Actually , there aren’t any mindless shonen flick . I bet that everything such as Naruto , Bleach and One Piece show values of either friendship or  willpower. I dared to say that all these mindless shonen flick have more values than show like Kanon 2006 , Air or Clannad season 1. If you think carefully , those 3 show that I stated teaches you little to nothing at all , girl dieing everywhere only make you cry , but does not teach you any values. Even if you could find some value , it must be some forcefully squeezed out value such as believing in miracle in Kanon 2006 or family value in Clannad season 1.

No , that japanese word below clannad is not clannad , it just means she die.

No , that japanese word below Clannad is not Clannad , it just means she die.

Talk about family value in clannad season 1 , lol , I can see none actually. If beating out your dad , staying at your girlfried house , asking everyone to attend thier sister wedding , parent sending toys to their child and two sister doing nothing at all are family values , then everything and anything else can be family value. All those stuff mention can’t really show any importance in family value , yes , there are some , but when compare to Goku sacrificing themselves for their family , all those stuff from Clannad are overwhelm by Dragonball. Even though Goku helps in killing his own brother , he is actually doing good to the  earth. One with noble values kill of evil even if evils are someone blood related.

All in all , a new remaster version of dragonball Z is on air now , but you can only watch it in Japan of course.


: Kakarotto(Goku) and Vegeta are named after vegetable. Vegeta brother is call table , so if both their name were to combine , it is call Vegetable.

:Bulma families are name after underwear.

:Seriously , dragonball is a spinoff of journy to the west.

:Mr Satan is the only one in earth that did not die once.

:Goku only killed one villian in DBZ


All credit goes to pikachu and dragonball.