Item name : Saber Dutch Wife Maid
Manufacturer : Dolfie Dream
Scale : Life sized
Material : Platic that feels like skin
Producer : Dolfie Dream
Original : Fate/unlimited codes

Cost 1769.50 SGD


Item name : Nanoha Dutch Wife
Manufacturer : Dolfie Dream
Scale : Life sized
Material : Plastic that feels like loli skin
Producer : Not Tamura Yukari
Original : Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Cost 1186.83 SGD

Item name : Sexy flat chest
Manufacturer : Made In Japan
Scale : Life sized
Material : Plastic that feels like skin , holes that feels like meat
Producer : Japanese
Original : Original Character

Cost ????

Item name : Slut
Manufacturer : Nihon
Scale : Life sized
Material : Erection alluring plastic
Producer : Not Sony
Original : Whore House

Cost is over 9000 sgd , I don’t know.


Item name : Ilovegirlwithglasses
Manufacturer : Not Konata
Scale : Life sized
Material : Plastic that can make your chin chin kimochi
Producer : Made in China
Original : Girl with spec

Cost must be more expensive than prostitute, you can use it infinitely , that’s why.


Item name : Is this really a doll?
Manufacturer : If so ,
Scale : I am totally going to buy it.
Material : She will definitely make a great girlfriend,
Producer : never will she betray you
Original : or go out with another guy.

Cost : Do they have any china imitate of this doll that cost $5 ? If so , I am going to buy it tomorrow. (+_+)

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All picture rip from sankaku complex , but I bet that Artefact guy must have ripped it from some other where else too , so there won’t be a need to credit him at all in the first place.