Thank you ! Thank you spambots that sell me viagra or what not ,  thanks for your nice welcoming message everyday. Your presence is pleasing and it helps  to increase our blog traffic.

To those who wonder why are we getting almost 50 view everyday , we have patronizes that treat me as their customer even though they are supposedly the customer here. Their deal is so great that I almost am tempted in buying their cheap Viagra and vagina that are sold at the amazing price of $1.50.

So in order to know if my visitor are inane spambot or real life human that could at least sell their viagra with sense , please leave a comment here to let me know that whether this blog is  a spot that harbour spambot like how Singapore forum harbour idiot or a blog that really being read by idiot
my friend.

PS: If you have not notice yet , lots of the posts , layout and mascot here were  inspired (Failed copies in other words) from RIUVA.