Being told that higurashi is about a dark tale of psychology warfare with deep philosophy about humanity , I watched it with anticipation , hoping that it will be another lain. The first few minute into that show , I got something that actually did look like some over the top psychotic fest , but after going through the rest of the episode , I found out one thing , that show is for pedophile. What I got is not mind provoking philosophy but cute girl playing cute game and eating lunch box. I told myself , every show must have a buildup so I’ll bite the bullet and continue heads on .


There goes the first arc , it did look like mindfuck business with deep meaning , not to mention , it is fucking scary and I am a coward that don’t even dare to go out of my room.  It scares the crap out of me , and I thought , not bad , never watches cartoon that is so spooky , hence I continue watching it even though it felt like a chore. For your information , after episode 5 or so , it isn’t scary anymore , they are always recycling old tricks found in horror flick , hence you will get used to it.


So far so good , but so far so boring too . What you get for the next 16 episode or so is alternating after alternating of ending for each arc. Formula goes , 1. in depth telling of setting ,2. someone go crazy , 3. someone beat someone up and he/she die in the end.

Look like some mindfest doesn’t it? Killing and crazy is good isn’t it? But like I said before , too much great stuff made the good dull , after watching 5 different ways of killing and gets kill with the same setting and formula , you will get bored of course. Not to mention , those cute girl doing moe stuff moment make you look like a pedophile if you watches it, happily.


Then comes the last 3 episode. That is when the show gets good , after enduring 23 episode of boring fest , you finally reached the climax , worth it? I don’t know , I have lots of time , that’s why I don’t really mind. The last 3 episode applied a twist in the whole setting , it turns from a horror flick about curses and god into science fic show about parasite and alien. Nice twist I will say. It then concludes with a somewhat happy ending and told you about their moral of the story ; “when things get tough , unite with your friend and you will make it through!!!!” That is like the Best non clique value in anime right?  I bet stuff like one piece which always talks about friendship doesn’t touch on that!



It is decent , but not masterpiece for sure. The story does have substance but it isn’t deep at all. Not to mention , the animation is bad , by bad I really mean bad. Not much movement , static image everywhere , inconsistent drawing and every characters look like paper , ugly paper at that.

Finally , at the end of each preview , they will always ask you ” Do you believe it?” With that , I will answer , ” No , impossibile! I DON’T BELIEVE IT ! SNAKE AND PHOENIX WILL SURELY LOVE THIS SHOW! What about holydreams then? Oh , he is the one that told me that it will be a psychotic fest , but what I got is a bitch fest. But never mind , bitch fest is good too , thanks.”

Rating : 73/100

This post is  about season 1 , season 2 will be left for next time.


All image from the internet. Yes , I infriged copyright , come and catch me now.