I am addicted to family guy now lol , I watches it while neglecting ef a tale of melodies.

You know , I already knew that Yuuko will get rape and crashed by car even before I start watching it , so yea lol. Recently I even read about kenshin death , but that may be a mistake , so let see if it really happens in the manga. (I am at vol 27 now).

I stop watching wolf rain for a while even though it is the most addicting stuff  because I know all the wolf will die.

I know Nagisa die in clannad but I dunnoe if she will magically got revived or not , but I guess not.

Code Geass , omg , that main guy Lelouch or whatever die in the end.

Chrno Crusade is the only anime that I continue even though I know Chrno and Rosette will die in the end.

In Sola , the main guy and main girl whom name I forgot will die too.

Luckily , I did not know that Kamina , Nia and Kittan will die in TTGL. Another lucky case is Roy Focker from macross , you know , he die , so I thought in Macross frontier , Ozama will die too .But who knows , in the end , the one dieing is Michael.

I don’t want Sekai and Makoto from School Days to die , but too bad.

In Shuffle , hmm , ok , snake is watching it now so I won’t spoil this.

In akasaka , the main guy got together with her sister Minato.

I heard that saber die in F/sn too.

In Saikano , everyone die . That is not a spoiler , cos , the show already state that everyone die in the first 5min.

Oh , and Canvas 2 , that great show about drawing , the main guy got together with Elise Hosen in the last 5min , cool huh?

In Kimikiss pure rouge , that 1st main guy get together with Mao and the next guy get together with the genius girl.

Ayu from kanon did not die though , only our beloved makoto is dead.

In gundam seed , that green hair guy , what is his name? The guy that control Blitz , yea he die while protecting Athrun ,I think. Anew in gundam OO is dead too lol , he return to underworld like what riuva said.

I guess that is enough spoiling huh? Tell you what , I did not even watches half of what I states above , so I am literally a spoiled brat.

~Update: Kenshin did not die in the manga , but die in the anime , so lol.