Lol , my favourite pastime is to surf the internet while looking up for idiot flaming a sarcastic remark while acting like they know a lot but in reality , they do not know that reacting with so much rage on a sarcasm remark make them look like a idiot. It is like saying “fuck you cb kia bitch lanjiao ah gua , you no mother”to Stewie Griffin when he say you suck. LOL!

Now , let me teaches you a trick or two to detect sarcasm.

There are no trick at all lol , only fools can’t detect sarcasm . In other words , if you react to a sarcasm with vulgarity and baseless comment , you suck big time because it shows that you don’t have enough logic or intellect to derive that those remark are just sarcasm. You can only act and whine like a kid that wants some breast milk from his mama.

Really , when people call you a faggot in internet , it is like calling you ” hey the boy over there” in real life. When they say your blog suck , it really suck because you can’t even earn at least 500 viewer per day.

Yea so that’s it , don’t react big time to negative remark such as “you suck because you hate your father”. It only made you look like a idiot , so much so that even Chris and Peter look smart standing beside you , really.

Oh , family guy is cool and everyone should watch it . It may help you horn your skill to detect simple sarcasm like ” koizora make the dumb and dumber smart”. Really , people are treating the Internet too seriously , getting angry in the Internet is like getting hurt when ants bites your penis.