The most important thing that should be presented in all romance genre are conflicts and tragedies. Why is a harem good in the first place? It is good because there are conflicts , choosing one will hurt another. What will the hurt  one do? What will happen in the race against the one you love? Who will finally be with the one they desire? What will then happen to the one that got rejected? All these stuff are unpredictable and get the viewer to be passive with the progress.

Shuffle is good because of Kaede , she turns crazy and causes lots of conflict . Ef is good because behind everyone back , a tragedy happened. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is good because you don’t know what will be the course of action Takayuki will take.  Unpredictable pairing , tragedy and conflict make great show. The reason why shit show like akasaka is shit because everything sail along too well. Everyone love the main character but are not diminished by the fact that the main character not loving them. A happy ending will only be happy if there are struggle and pain inflicted along the way. You must make a contrast somewhere to differentiate happiness from sadness. A happy ending that sail too well are not well earned and does not deserve it.

It is always pleasing to see characters suffer ,  it is human nature to enjoy seeing someone suffer. That’s not because we like to watch people in pain , but because we like to see the courage within this pain . Pain is a process for your growth , watching people growing up is always a bliss.

Hence a romance genre must have great character. Romance anime does not need a storyline because everything is character driven. It is the character that inflict conflict , not the story setting. The setting is just a pushing force to create those conflict. If you don’t believe me , then tell me this , what story can you derive from someone loving someone? Not much i will say , unlike other genre. An example will be an adventure story , simply the reason for the adventure can branch up great quantity of storyline.

But all this is just what I love when I am watching a romance series. I believe that love doesn’t come easy and it should get really sentimental. That’s why I felt that harem that goes too smoothly is a turn off.

Ps. I don’t really like school days though. It have lots of conflicts and tragedies but something is missing. Maybe it is the lack of great music lol.