The anime scene nowadays is so lousy , I don’t even bother to update myself much. Tons of blog that I am following are dieing out , tons of news are of no interest. Tons of shit show come out every season . Tons of fansub group dieing here and there. Tons of manga nowaday look like shit . Tons of faggotory spurs out like sewer churn out shit water. Now I think will be a good time to quit everything for one go .

I am finding myself enjoying reading pre 2005 manga  more than watching the lastest anime. But old manga are mostly out of print and the second hand market is influx with tons of shoujo that no one care and overpriced goods.

But the worst thing that is happening now is the lack of discussion on the topic . Now , I am the one and only person that still take interest in anime and manga in my group , seriously , not a single of my friend know who is Hojo Tsukasa or even know what is darker than black! Everyone just watch it casually , never wanting to step in a little further to it . This causes me , the  anti herd , felt that anime is too niche to my liking.

I can always participate in forum you said. But problem is , I have enough of forum. Singapore forum is full of retard that is really retard. It is like a rubbish dump for spam. Some more , people residing there are either noob that is so noob or fraud elites that are too arrogant to my liking. International forum like is dying out soon too . No topic there is of my interest now , great poster die out and not much new blood come rushing in.

Come on , japan , please make something that will spark my interest again , you are not that creative and wierd nowadays . I am putting my every bet into Guin Saga now. So if it turn out to be shit , I should really consider to get casual too in this hobby.