Wtf , why did I wait till now to watch darker than black ? It is fucking masterpiece. Sad thing is , I bet lot of people will find it boring because the first episode is really boring with lots of crap that no one will understand . By lot of people , I am talking about people belonging in the mainstream group. Avid anime viewers will definitely know that it will be good at first glance. They will wait patiently for the climax to start, and woah , the climax already starts in episode 2. But for mainstreamer , they will definitely put it off and go back to watch their naruto. This again bring us back to our previous post , you see , if you have the patience to wait for episode 2 to start , you will get a masterpiece .

Now , let me define mainstream . You know , sometimes , a hollywood action flick is just not really that good, but for some reason or so , it turns out to be a blockbuster . Why is that so? The reason I can thought of are eye candy and quick entertainment. It helps you to relax and waste off your time , so much so that not matter how uneventful the movie is , you think that it is a good use of time. A great analogy will be Mac Donald . Food serve by Mac Donald are rubbish and not that tasty , but for some reason , we feel happy and relax after eating it. It is like a mainstream movie , it suit the taste of the majority and pleasure our sensory , even though to be frank , it is not that great. Hard to explain why something will become mainstream , maybe it is just human nature that made you think that you look cool and hip if you enjoy mainstream show. 007 series is an example of it.

Now let’s get back to why Darker and Black is awesome. First , it have slick animation that suit my taste. I take penchant on animation that have a dark contrast on it. Second , the storyline is captivating . Due to those term that no one understand in episode one , you wish to know more about what’s what in that world. The only way to know is to keep watching it , so it passes the addicting test. Third , the characters are badass . Badass character made you want to watch them in action , example , not matter how generic Kaze No Stigma is , the character being badass made us enjoy the series. Darker than black have a loli too , that’s why pedophile will love this show. Fourth , the setting , Darker than black have a interesting setting about some hell gate or whatever. It made you look smart if you get to understand what’s happening in the show . That’s why I like it , I like to look and act smart . If you aren’t smart in the first place , you can only act it out , it is better than looking stupid by watching naruto and bleach.

So what are you waiting for? Go watch it now and drop all those shana or nanoha or zero blah blah blah. I don’t even felt like watching those show , it make me look like a pedophile.