Now I know the reason why anime is niche . The bulge of our population are filled with impatient people that want things to be fast and easy to understand. Not many are willing to spend time to immerse themselves into a certain fandom. That’s why  anime ,  a medium that need patient and time is a niche market. You really need to watch a few series to get a hang on what will an anime installed for you , otherwise , you will think that every anime is pokemon.

Also ,a lot of shows are like Higurashi , you need to endure 23 episode to truly enjoy the best part of it. But people are always expecting non stop climax like something that will appears in a movie  , that’s why they will get bored of anime and drop it half way. That’s also the reason why everyone love naruto . Even though it is 300+ episode , it start of quickly ,  with fast pace and slick action . Not to mention , easy to understand storyline. People hate to spend time pondering on thing they watched for enjoyment. People watches tv show to gain quick enjoyment and excitement , not to burden their brain. That’s why you see lots of noob watches and enjoy shit show like Rosario to vampire or even Goshuu Sama Niniomiya kun. They are shit show all right , but they are easy to understand and supply quick enjoyment without bothering the brain.

Then you may ask , why show like Gundam which have lots of difficult to understand technical term like  phase shift and twin drive gain so much popularity. I will tell you why , please , question those fans that watches gundam seed about phase shift and ask for their response. I bet that not many actually know what the hack is that. They just watches gundam like why people watches porn , for the big bang fast paced action . These action scenes are easy to understand and supply quick enjoyment even though you may not really understand what’s what on the sci-fic factor.

Whereas , lets talk about show such as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. To my surprise , not alot of mainstreamer like tengen toppa . I thought that its slick action and easy to understand storyline will make it a hit in the mainstream market but it look like I am very wrong. The reason why people hate tengen toppa is because it started off very slowly. If you think of it , the first 6 episode are just plain slow and uneventful. When people reach the climax of episode 8 , they are already turn off by it and think that no good will come after it. Now let’s look at Macross Frontier , the first episode is already filled with so much ecstasy and heart pumping action , it make you want to watch more. People are imaptient freak , they cast their verdict on the first second when the show starts , that’s why show that have a great start like Macross and Naruto gain so much populartiy.

So in order to upgrade(?) yourself into a hardcore anime fan , you must have the patience to wait for the good part to happens. Not to mention , be able to tolerate shit show like Rosario to vampire to get the gist of what a shit show is like.You know , you can already tolerate 13 episode of shit show , you can definitely tolerate 23 episode of higurashi right?

Sometime , an anime is only good after it ends , you don’t gain much enjoyment while watching it , but when it ends , you know that the show is good and the storyline is actually well construct when you think back. Serei no Moribito and Evangelion is the two examples that I can think of as of now.

Patience is key , only comment on an anime after you watches every single bits of it. But after watching some 40 or so series , you should know what show will be good and what will be bad naturally , so do follow your hunch .