Before saying why bones is the best studio for me  , let’s talk about other studio first.

1. Kyoto Animation: Kyoto animation has the best skills in animation , no doubt about that. They can  make shit look beautiful , that’s why no one can defeat them as the best animator. But problem is , they do not have any decent original production. Munto suck , I watches episode one while sleeping . Clannad is not that great as well .

2. Sunrise: They are the pioneers , creating lots of original production such as gundam and code geass . But problem is , they are cheaters because they made too many show , that’s why the percentage of great show they made is high. Also , they are like the Hollywood now , producing show that will gain a lot of fanbase and suit the majority taste.

3. Production IG:  They have the best cg that I have seen . But they are always making slow deep shit nowadays . Production IG will be my second favorite studio , because the hit to miss ratio is 8 to 1 . NO matter how lousy the show they make is , you can at least enjoy its decent animation.

4. Shaft: Shaft is either a hit or miss because they are always producing anime with an abstract art style. But you know , I only like their sayonara sensei , ef and maybe the ugly yet beautiful world . Look like they are going to fail at Nastu no Arashi , tsk , and I thought that will be a decent series from the synopsis. The trailer just make everything look sucky. Will wait for  comment when it air to decide whether to follow it or not.

5. Gonzo : I like their dark contrasting animation style. But sadly , they are producing lots of shit show nowadays . They look like they are on the verge of closing down to me.

6 . Gainax – They made epic show , but only  every 3 years or so . The others that fill in the space in those 3 years are not that good.

7. Satelight – This studio started in 1995 , but they only produced not more than 20 show . But they are definitely a powerhouse for action genre , making great show like hellsing ultimate , macross zero and macross frontier. Definitely a studio to follow. Anticipating their Basquash and Guin Saga.

8. Brain base – Brain base is like Satelight twins , started on 1996 but produce not more than 10 show . Most of the show they create are great , such as baccano and kurenai. Their animation is very fluid and they can create great dialogues , but there are still some cases like Akikan.

9.Studio Deen – I think Studio deen hates me , every time when I follow their series , they give me crap like Shinning Tear X wind.

10.J.C Staff – I like JC Staff , they supplies the  relaxing feel. Everything is so bright and fluffy , it pleasure the eyes.  They create lot of great stuff like someday dreamer and  honey and clover. I like their kimikiss too .

11.Hal film Maker -Hal film maker is like the twin of Jc staff , they give off the relaxing and fluffy vibe too . They produced Aria and the second series of someday dreamer.

12. Madhouse – The anime powerhouse. They are best at creating anime with dark element. Follow their show and most of the time , you will get the best out of the season.They made a lot of show that dwell on psychology too. Those who like anime that works the brain should watch their show. Sometime , they make show like Chi sweet home and maple story too , don’t ask me why , I don’t know.

13. Unfotable – I only watches their Manabi Straight and that’s already like one quarter of their whole production.

Finally , my favorite studio,  Bones. Never have they failed me once. Sword of stranger is mine first encounter with them. They made the most addicting stuff and maranthoning their show is as easy as abc. Not only are they good at producing original story , they are good at adapting too .

Their story are captivating and the characters they create are very very badass  .Their theme and setting are heavy and matured . Stuff don’t really move that smoothly and not everyone live happily ever after . Fluid animation , great characters , great storyline , great production most of the time , so , what  more are you asking for?

Too bad they are producing FMA for the next season . You know , FMA look  like a sunrise show and I don’t really like sunrise that much.

Hence Bones will be my favourite , second will be production IG , third  will be Gainax and  fourth will be brain base .