Yes we’re very much alive realistically, thank you for your concern, but virtually we’re also very much alive, and yes thank you for your concern again. But why ain’t we blogging? Dunno. Maybe its because we’re just casual anime watchers as you’ve mentioned, that’s why we have not much passion for this blog? I dunno. In my case well I’m interested to post but so far I do not have much information to talk about. Why? Maybe be due to my limited knowledge of the anime blogosphere out there and not wanting to act like some know-it-all bastard.

As for Phoenix, well, what to say about him? Seeing him makes me want to laugh. hiding under the facade that he’s too busy for schoolwork, he’s actually playing Worms for 7 hours? And there’s much more to comment about him but well, I guess I’ll pass for now.

Snake is currently busy with real life stuffs so yea but at least anyhow post something is also fine?

Shouryu, or currently known as IWICSYI, is well… just see his  efforts.

bluzes… where the hell is he? No idea, and not bothering either.

So… Shouryu, we shall meet int he distant future, if  we were to survive the current journey right in front of us.

Still wanted, Dead AND Alive.

Still wanted, Dead AND Alive.