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Lol , my favourite pastime is to surf the internet while looking up for idiot flaming a sarcastic remark while acting like they know a lot but in reality , they do not know that reacting with so much rage on a sarcasm remark make them look like a idiot. It is like saying “fuck you cb kia bitch lanjiao ah gua , you no mother”to Stewie Griffin when he say you suck. LOL!

Now , let me teaches you a trick or two to detect sarcasm.

There are no trick at all lol , only fools can’t detect sarcasm . In other words , if you react to a sarcasm with vulgarity and baseless comment , you suck big time because it shows that you don’t have enough logic or intellect to derive that those remark are just sarcasm. You can only act and whine like a kid that wants some breast milk from his mama.

Really , when people call you a faggot in internet , it is like calling you ” hey the boy over there” in real life. When they say your blog suck , it really suck because you can’t even earn at least 500 viewer per day.

Yea so that’s it , don’t react big time to negative remark such as “you suck because you hate your father”. It only made you look like a idiot , so much so that even Chris and Peter look smart standing beside you , really.

Oh , family guy is cool and everyone should watch it . It may help you horn your skill to detect simple sarcasm like ” koizora make the dumb and dumber smart”. Really , people are treating the Internet too seriously , getting angry in the Internet is like getting hurt when ants bites your penis.


I am addicted to family guy now lol , I watches it while neglecting ef a tale of melodies.

You know , I already knew that Yuuko will get rape and crashed by car even before I start watching it , so yea lol. Recently I even read about kenshin death , but that may be a mistake , so let see if it really happens in the manga. (I am at vol 27 now).

I stop watching wolf rain for a while even though it is the most addicting stuff  because I know all the wolf will die.

I know Nagisa die in clannad but I dunnoe if she will magically got revived or not , but I guess not.

Code Geass , omg , that main guy Lelouch or whatever die in the end.

Chrno Crusade is the only anime that I continue even though I know Chrno and Rosette will die in the end.

In Sola , the main guy and main girl whom name I forgot will die too.

Luckily , I did not know that Kamina , Nia and Kittan will die in TTGL. Another lucky case is Roy Focker from macross , you know , he die , so I thought in Macross frontier , Ozama will die too .But who knows , in the end , the one dieing is Michael.

I don’t want Sekai and Makoto from School Days to die , but too bad.

In Shuffle , hmm , ok , snake is watching it now so I won’t spoil this.

In akasaka , the main guy got together with her sister Minato.

I heard that saber die in F/sn too.

In Saikano , everyone die . That is not a spoiler , cos , the show already state that everyone die in the first 5min.

Oh , and Canvas 2 , that great show about drawing , the main guy got together with Elise Hosen in the last 5min , cool huh?

In Kimikiss pure rouge , that 1st main guy get together with Mao and the next guy get together with the genius girl.

Ayu from kanon did not die though , only our beloved makoto is dead.

In gundam seed , that green hair guy , what is his name? The guy that control Blitz , yea he die while protecting Athrun ,I think. Anew in gundam OO is dead too lol , he return to underworld like what riuva said.

I guess that is enough spoiling huh? Tell you what , I did not even watches half of what I states above , so I am literally a spoiled brat.

~Update: Kenshin did not die in the manga , but die in the anime , so lol.

e053b1fd5830da9707ffe3f93865a4b21235357255_fullPre season prediction , let see how right I am at the end of the season.
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I will tell you a secret today , faggots that say the phrase ” To each of its own” when majority of others tell them that the thing they watch is shit , they really have a bad taste .

There is no such things as to each of its own,  people . There is no fucking way that you will prefer To love Ru over something like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! Get your facts right , when something is good and better , it will always be good and better. It is a fact , not a opinion. If you think otherwise , it means you have a bad taste. Really , seriously.


With a recent visit to Phoenix’s lair with a truce between us, I’ve found out more about Phoenix’s recent activities. Following are some but not all information:

1: He is smuggling confidential notes and information to a four-eyed bug. Yes, four-eyed bug, and that is not a spider I’m talking about.

2: He has been moe-fied. And fried. Unable to contain his urge to not watch loli and be a pedo, he’s been atrophied to MOEMAN!

3: He is saving money to buy a Dutch Wife. Preferably the ¥98, 000 Nanoha. He’ll throw in another ¥17, 000 for doujinshi of Nanoha X Hayate. No he didn’t buy only one book, he bought everything from the booth.

4: A Phoenix Down a day keep the HP away!

5: He’s playing Dance Dance Revolution with his hands, literally.

6: Phoenix loves live raw performance. His Dutch Wife too. Without condom.

7: He firmly believe he doesn’t exsist in this world. I believe that is true, for when I hit  him with a club I feel nothing.

8: Oh, did I mention that his Dutch Wife is actually shared among him and his virtual image? Betcha yer donch naw.

As of above ,  all you faggots should  go read it.  Ditch all those shitty new stuff away.  You faggots should watch Cromartie high school and family guy too . Faggot.

Between , who wants to watch the movie “DMC” at Plaza Sing? If you are interested , leave a comment please . If you don’t know what DMC is , it means Daddy Mama Care , alternate version of Carebear care . How badass can that be? Very badass.



I just finished s2 not long ago , and I will said that I enjoyed it as a…… shonen fest. Higurashi fans must be raging now because I put down their favourite “deep” show as something as superficial as a shonen anime. Seriously , what so deep and hard to understand about higurashi? There isn’t any thought provoking stuff or even mysteries that made you ponder at all. Their moral of story is really shonenish too , friendship and creating miracles with unity and will powers. Are you trying to tell me that those are deep and unique even though there are over 100 anime out there that touches on it?
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Being told that higurashi is about a dark tale of psychology warfare with deep philosophy about humanity , I watched it with anticipation , hoping that it will be another lain. The first few minute into that show , I got something that actually did look like some over the top psychotic fest , but after going through the rest of the episode , I found out one thing , that show is for pedophile. What I got is not mind provoking philosophy but cute girl playing cute game and eating lunch box. I told myself , every show must have a buildup so I’ll bite the bullet and continue heads on .

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3。當你有一定的条目, 人們便能用谷歌巡察到你的部落格。這佔了一半的讀者。



要是你是讀者1 ﹐那請你繼續賣你的伟哥﹐好讓我們的遊覽率增加。





Thank you ! Thank you spambots that sell me viagra or what not ,  thanks for your nice welcoming message everyday. Your presence is pleasing and it helps  to increase our blog traffic.

To those who wonder why are we getting almost 50 view everyday , we have patronizes that treat me as their customer even though they are supposedly the customer here. Their deal is so great that I almost am tempted in buying their cheap Viagra and vagina that are sold at the amazing price of $1.50.

So in order to know if my visitor are inane spambot or real life human that could at least sell their viagra with sense , please leave a comment here to let me know that whether this blog is  a spot that harbour spambot like how Singapore forum harbour idiot or a blog that really being read by idiot
my friend.

PS: If you have not notice yet , lots of the posts , layout and mascot here were  inspired (Failed copies in other words) from RIUVA.


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