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Cute Chick first result.

There are 4 phases for a blog .

1st stage : Due to it being your first time experience , there were lots of stuff to be discovered . This result in tons of updates per day because you were excited to speak out everything in your mind. I call this the start up stage. This is like the starting of window , using lots of memory power to boot and load all the running program . That’s why it is always full of energy . But like a computers , the blog won’t run smoothly when it first start up. This result in lots shit post being generated like how lots of shit program runs when your computer boot up . But this shit is like fertilizer , it is the nutrient for your second phase . If you don’t have enough shit , you won’t grow up to the 2nd phase .

2nd Stage: Due to everyday increasing in blogs hit , motivation level is high and ideas keep branching out from one post to another . This phase is like finishing the staring up of a computer , it will sail smoothly and run effectively . At this phase , you will spend hours to edit your post , reviewing it times after times to make it more interesting . I call this the golden age phase, but beware , you may never reach this phase if no one read your blog at the start up phase. Iwicsyi had some golden age time , just that it is not as golden as other blog .
During this phase ,you will be more aware of what you post unlike in the start up phase . This is because ,there are more than enough shit to make you smelly.  That’s why even someone with bad nose can smell the stench . In other words , you know that it is time to improvise in your post and stop those shit from churning out anymore . High chance of great revolutionary post to be generated during this phase

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Changing to a new theme because the old theme made short passages look long . All my posts are just lesser than 500 word but they look like some 1000 word essay due to the short width for text from the old theme . So , is it easier to read now or even more difficult than in he past? Or is it that no one read it because it really is just full of words without any picture . OK , I get it , I will try to put in more picture next time . But inserting  picture that can be easily found i\on google is pretty stupid , that’s why I seldom insert any picture .

Kthx bai . Will try to post about my life next time since for some reason , it gets more hit  . Maybe there are more people out there wanting to know what I did at home today more than how I felt about Akikan . I kid , I will rather post how sucky ichigo 100% ending is  than what I did during school today. This blog is for me to vent my fustration after I read ichigo 100% anyway .
PS: Calling bluzes to apply the old banner? I lost it after formating the com . Otherwise ,is there any kind soul out there that have some free time to make our new banner?

This is the continuation of this post.

3 years has passed , student of Izumizaka High’s flim club is having a gathering at Satsuki’ restaurant. Toujou is unable to made it because she need to collect a novelist award in kyoto. One by one, everyone start to gather . Hiroshi is now the owner of his own production company . Chinami is his first rated celebrities while Komiyama is Chinami’s manager . Manaka has earned an award for his documentary and Satsuki is now a well mannered lady .Misuzu is studying in a university in Kyoto , now the president of the university film club. They exhanged some small talks in the restruant  .

After some conversation , they started to move off to the place where Toujou receive her award . They arrived in a hall and Toujou is giving a speech . Her awarded novel is the secret novel she wrote during her secondary school life . The speech goes off as such “(insert your typical touching and motivational speech like how she does it in her high school graduation ceremony.)” Everyone cheers and the crowd starts to disperse . Toujou went out the hall after that . Outside , she was met with her old firend from high school . Manaka step out first , digging his pocket and presented a ring to Toujou . Toujou is delighted and jump off the steps to hug Manaka tightly .

*Switch the scene to somewhere near the hall , behind a tree.

There , Tsukasa is watching them behind a tree . She has a smile in her face and start to turn and walk off to the direction to the airport .In her heart , she is delighted as Toujou and Manaka is definitely a destined pair where even the largest storm can’t tear apart their affinity .

The End!Now , this is just the basic of the whole structure without any dialouge .But with some imagination , I think that you can at least form some image in your mind for this alteration .I will definitely replace the comic’s ending with mine ending to make myself happy. My ending is the true end for now on , period.Now , I am satisfied.

Too bad that I can’t draw , otherwise , I can add in the dialogue to make everything more interesting

moe-17929-akikan-suzuhira_hiroWhen judging an anime , I tend to be pretty lenient . A flaw to me does not cause as much impact when compare to  its grace. That’s the reason why I don’t have anime that I particularly hate due to its shitty animation or even a shitty plot . I only hate an anime when I think that it doesn’t deserve its attention .Spending time to a overrated show while giving a pass to inarguable epic one made my blood boiled really . Now before we digress further , let’s get back to Akikan.

Even with eyesore animation , Akikan is pretty OK in its other area. For one , I find that the ost is pretty exceptional and it helps in building up the mood well. The jokes are also unexpected and surprisingly ok , not really funny but at least better than those in K-on .

The story is generic alright , but I myself think that it is generic in the right way . Unlike Akane iro where lousy formula such as onsen and lol planned marriage are applied , Akikan strike for a more successful formula . If you take notice of their conversation , it is actually pretty creative in its own aspect . It is like kure nai type of conversation , just that it is a lousier version of it .

I also found that some still frame in the anime pretty well drawn. You know , when everything is so shitty , a beautiful frame stick up a lot . Those are the one that I am talking about .  I forgot which frame it is  but I remember that  there are definitely some frame that is exceptionally well drawn and show the masterful skill of Hiro Suzuhira .

Maybe I am just bias since it is a brainbase production , but I really do think that Akikan is not as bad as others think it is . Despite saying that , I still won’t recommend anyone this series as there are lots of better series with the same genre out there . Inukami is one of them . Never get me in telling you how awesome Inukami is , because , I can only provide a 10000 words essay made up of 10000 elephants.

Below is not the true ending of Ichigo 100% . It is just my own alteration on chapter 165 onwards. Chapter 166 did occur but Manaka did not say something about choosing Tsukasa over Toujou . The dialouge of chapter 165 is changed so that Tsukasa won’t have the advantage.

This story starts on chapter 165 . Manaka decided to consider his love interest after reading Toujou secret novel .That’s why he decided to sever his ties with Tsukasa and all the other girls . So after explaining his idea and breaking up with Tsukasa when she left for Paris, he decided to work part time for his traveling fee. He wanted to travel because that’s the best way to sever his ties with all the girls and also , a way to brush up his skills .

One year had passed, Tojou published her 2nd novel . The story is the 3rd movie she and Manaka made during their high school life. Tsukasa is still in Paris while Manaka had earned enough money for his traveling. With only a video camera and his passport , he started his journey from Korea to Europe . During his journey , he recorded down life of individual in different countries .

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Aya is the best , Tsukasa suck . Big breast girl for the win.

Aya is the best , Tsukasa suck . Big breast girl for the win.

Thanks to that shitty ending from our beloved ichigo 100% manga , I am losing sleep now due to ample frustration!! Why did Manaka end out with Tsukasa and not Aya?! That is like giving you shit when it promised Fries! Everything is set to gear towards Aya and yet Manaka just need to frigging choose Tsukasa! This is pretty much like the case of canvas 2, choosing someone that just doesn’t sound right at all!
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Why are you reading this post? Go watch it now already . This is the best of this season man . Although it has a mediocre animation , the way the whole story is being convey is epic. Animation is not important to an anime you know , it is the way the animation convey the whole story that counts . Super dimension macross suffered badly from bad animation but the whole way the story is being told is simply breathtaking. That’s why it is a great show .

Now , let’s look at great animation but bad anime , Munto . The animation is top notched and so great , you can even see every movement of a cloud , but the storytelling is so boring , you wish that the show ends quickly . That’s why I can’t even get over 1 episode .

Now now , cross game is different , it is so good , I don’t want it to end . Even though clannad is decent , I have the urge to see it end when I get to episode 10 or so . Not to mention , looking at the time bar to see whether the episode is ending soon. But for cross game , I am looking out for the time bar because I don’t want it to end . That’s the difference. Although good animation is a plus , but remember this , we watch anime for the storyline , not for the animation . It is a plus if it is good , but if it is mediocre , I don’t really mind , you just need to give me a captivating storyline , like cross game. But still , it will be the best if you can get great animation plus great storyline , such as kanon 2006 .

Now who say that this spring season is lackluster? It is definitely a great one , 2 times better than last year where you get shit like to love ru and many more . 2008 is the worst year man , even the seemly great autumn series failed hard . Akasaka and chaos head anyone? I can only remember Macross frontier , ef – tale of melodies , clannad , kurozuka , library war and kurenai as some great one for last year . Even so , library war and kurozuka isn’t that great for the majority.For Code geass and kaiba , I haven’t watch it.

2009 , I have high hope for it . Somemore , the always lackluster summer season can be covered by many great 26 epi anime from the spring season , hence I have high hope that this year will be better than last year even though the anime scene is hit by recession? Is there even a link there? Never mind , we must blame recession for every single thing .

Now I am always anticipating sunday for cross game , it is a series where I can watch without much effort used because it is easy and great to watch . I don’t even have the motivation to start eden of the east 2nd episode now fyi.

1st step : You must play dota and watch naruto .

2nd step:  Ask others about anime and talk about your favourite naruto hero and how all those filler suck while acting like you know everything.. Otherwise , ask them if they want a game of Dota tonight.

3rd step: Watch and talk about  tcs series , you will be surprise that everyone in your class is watching them too . Yes , the last time I watched tv is when my television channel station is call tcs. Now i think they are call the new boat has nothing.

4th step : Crack unfunny joke about tiger time when people asked you  about the time. Don’t worry , everyone will find it funny because most people have a bad sense of humour . Crack great joke if you can , but great joke need the right timing . That’s also why I seldom talk because I can’t find the right timing for a great joke . Ya , I am always thinking about great joke when I want to start a conversation , otherwise I will just reply you with the most generic answer that is so conventional , you will be thinking that I am teaching you on the art of pr( public relation).

————–Interval for more————————-
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Ok , my computer got some problems nowadays and I can’t decide whether it is a virus or what . It can’t boot up sometimes but is normal after a few restart . I suspected that it is a hardware problems but my bro suspect that it is a virus because I am infected with a spam msn virus few days ago . So ya , let’s go along with him and so I formatted the com , run a virus scan and nothing is found . Ok , something is found , malware , but you know why and I know why , it is not a virus but it is scanned to be a virus , so ya , you get what I mean.

So what happen next? After formatting , the problems persist and it may still be a virus infection because I formatted my main drive only . That’s why I scan the com after formatting as I said above . So nothing found but finally , I know why . It is a hardware problem as I suspected earlier on . It seems like my com is scare of cold , it need some heating up before it can work . So , ya , I wasted 2 days in formatting , doing backup , restoring , repairing and scanning .

So what does this mean then? It means that I am always right and everyone except me is always wrong . That’s why when I say that  ichigo 100% is a good manga , it is a good manga . Thanks to ichigo 100% , I am not affected from not using the com for 2 days due to all those time wasting formatting , doing backup and scanning . Actually , I don’t even need a com because all I do with a com is watch anime and fap fap fap to fappable material , which in other terms , useless stuff. I bet most teen is doing useless stuff like playing dota anyway so living without a com is actually not affecting teen’s life.

So ya , ichigo 100% is a good manga and Onani Master Kurosawa is a masterpiece. But due to me , unable to use the com for 2 days , the great after taste of Onani Master Kurosawa has faded , not to mention , tuning my mind to enjoy ichigo 100% made me forget about the feeling I got from reading Onani Master Kurosawa. With that , I will let the sentimental post I mentioned before stay in eternal slumber of delaying. The only way to escape the slumber is to let me feel the urge to write again . I remembered that two days ago , I am like so excited about the post , it is like getting aroused by a cat , ok , pikachu , ok ok , peter griffin . The motivation level is so high , I don’t even mind revealing  my unrequited love in the past. But now , I am only interested in plastic girl .

I am the first in google search for “nyp orientation” and this is an admin post . In other words ,this post serve no purpose and I am good.

I got so sentimental after reading Onani Master Kurosawa , I am going to get emo now . So please  get ready for an emo , sentimental yet frank post about masturbation , class bond and my thoughts. It should be a chinese +english post. This will be the first time where I will talk about my honest feeling and about my life in detail, so , do anticipate it .  I am afraid that I will lose the motivation halfway through in completing the post but I will try to finish this post not matter how long and how difficult it will be. But before that , I really do urge everyone to read Onani Master Kaurosawa because it is a manga that is full of values that we should learn . It might as well be a bible of your life where you may face a 180 degree change of perspective after you finish reading your last , illegal page of scanlation.

I wonder who will really anticipate it but i guess there will be at least be one person that is interested in this coming post , Me.


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