People watched this for the battle and war scene right? But from the trailer , guin saga promised a battle scene 100 times better than basara , then why is there so many people watching basara yet not many is interested in Guin saga? Basara is yet again what? Don’t know what to say , another normal episode 1 with some dynasty warrior style of fighting . It’s no surprise because the game itself is like dynasty warrior , mindless slashing without story . It is average , not bad but average . But now,  I don’t really have the patience to watch average  show  . At most I can handle 2 average show per season . The first one is already taken by Shangri La and the second one is I don’t know .  So bye bye Basara and Valkryia Chronicles unless I heard good thing about them . Doubt so though .

Phantom look decent , james bond+magic . Maybe I will watch this one . Although it is beetrain , but at least the animation is not bad  and the story look good , so I will give it a chance if the other show from spring season suck bad . For now , let’s drop it. This anime exceed my expectaion though.