OK , I lied , I expected it to be shining tear x wind , but I am wrong , its better than that , but not much better. Mediocre series still , not as epic as other’s expected . Not that good yet not that bad , watchable but not a must watch . If you have that much time , you can catch it if you want , but if I want to watch it , I won’t expect much ,I’ll just watch it for the sake of Marina Inoue . The ost is nice though , but the animation is mediocre. All in all , normal episode 1 , no sign of it being good. But who knows, maybe the story is really that great since everyone hyped it up so much? I am embarrassed to say that K-on is still the best out of the spring series that I have watched.

Reason to watch it:
1.Marina Inoue
2.Fantastic OST