After watching shangri la , I don’t really know what to expect . It start off very slowly , talking about carbon taxes and what not . Hence it’s difficult to supply a conclusion now . That’s why we should make a list of what’s done right and what’s done wrong.

Things that were done right:

1.Minimal Fanservice. Fanservice really is a sore to the eye for anime that have a serious setting such as Shangri La . Shangri La only have one blatant fanservice scene in the start , otherwise it is ok , no panties shot or bat covering breast.

2. Decent looking CG . Gonzo’s CG as everyone know ,look like Virtual fighter 2 polygon . But in Shangri La , you get to see CG done right , the scenery scene can left you in awe by applying some CG rendering.

3. Decent Animation : Decent as in gonzo term , not comparing to other’s out there. At least there are not much flaws in the animation , but of course , not much flow as well . The animation is actually very inconsistence , one time you’ll get to see fluid nice looking cg , while other time , the whole picture really doesn’t move well. But you know , its Gonzo , that’s why this kind of standard is good enough for them , they are poor yet can animate better than what? Beetrain.

4. Plot line : At least as for now , it look like some interesting storyline is implement.

5. Characters design: It’s by Range Murata , what more should I say?

6.Astonishing op : I bet gonzo wasted all thier money on op , you see , even if rosario to vampire really suck ,its op is really a masterpiece. Not to mention Druaga season 1 op is like what? One of the best I have seen.

7.The ending part of the anime look somewhat exciting , but it does not pipe my interest in wanting the episode 2 fast .


Things that suck:

1. Boring : Really started of very slowly , and you must know , it is gonzo we are talking about here , they are known for inconsistence in their work , that’s why if episode one is their best work , then the whole anime will definitely be a letdown .You will really be worried when you watches the anime , wondering if gonzo have enough money to maintain and improve its standard or burned out half way and give you Mushashi Gundou quality.

2.Inconsistence Animation: The done right animation mentioned above is in term of gonzo only . If you compare the animation of Shangri La with gonzo work , it is decent , but if you compare it with like say , sunrise or bones production , it really does not flow as well. The whole way the animation is conveyed is zzz too.

3. Script: Boring conversation . Correction , let’s made it full of boring conversation.

4.Voice acting: I don’t know if it’s crunchyroll problem or what , sometimes , the voice does not synchronize well with the lips.

Conclusion :
Since I already watched episode 1 , I might as well watch the whole series. Maybe it will be epic? Who knows. Some more Crunchyroll is not blocking my region , that’s why it’s all good . But crunchyroll quality really suck , blur like fuck like how ash like snow.

Finally , Shangri la is like a hotel , you’ll never know its quality unless you tested it yourself.