Animenano – Only 2 bloggers are blogging about the series , one dropping it due to not liking adventure+journey anime while the other one is picking it up because he have great taste like me . Great job , Star crossed.

Animeblogger – There isn’t even a series tag for guin saga

Blogsuki – I see K-on , I see clannad , I see FMA.

Fansub tv forum – Everyone thought it is meh and there isn’t even a thread for it. This happens when people are too dependent on english sub .

Animesuki – When you have no where to relied ,the only place for you is animesuki . There are some active discussion there with the same mindset as mine . Good job , there are just too many members in asuki , hence every series as its own fan.

English fansub group – none as for now

Chinese fansub group – Two

NOw if you compare this with valkyria , the difference is too great. Valkyria like i said before , it is not bad , but it feels like there is some lack of substance for it being a epic show.


Ya , that is it . Every season , there will always be a gem , buried deep inside where no one seems to notice it. Even I must say that I missed Guin saga in the first go . Some series just have this power to mist your eyes and distract your attention away from it. Cromartie high school is one of it , Tentai Senshi Sunred is another one .
Aria too , but aria is gaining more popularity now ,after a few years of airing. Kurozuka is also pretty great but not many think so , like I say before , people thought that lucky star have more story than kurozuka. Now , it happens for guin saga .

But on the other hand , for some reason , series like valkyria and K-on will gain lots of popularity . I don’t know the reason why really . Maybe K-on is produce by kyo ani , that’s why it is so popular but valkyria? Is ps3 really that common nowadays? Am I so out of touch with the whole society , I don’t know the fact that 9/10 people own a PS3?
In the past season , I remember To love ru and Sekirei being hyped too , before it airs. Tale of abyss too.

Ok , that’s about it , enough ranting ,since no one love underrated show yet love moe so much , I might as well forget about everything and enjoy my own underrated show, because only I and I know about it , no need to share the joy to others.