First thing first , our terminology page have been updated here. Do visit it lol.

Ok now , get back to the topic. Oh , before that ,please do read the darker than black post , I used almost half a day to correct and refine it . Anything don’t understand? Refer to the terminology page.

Now the real stuff ,Tears to Tiara :

Boring yet eventful episode 1 . So much and yet so little happens .  So the story started off with a girl? Standing there to be capture for dubious reason that is so dubious, you will be thinking why is she so stupid and not run off together with the other villagers. This show us that girl must be stupid and illogical otherwise she won’t be a girl. Ya , and so the whole episode is about a girl got caught by some old man , in which I bet that  he wants to rape her but he is too old to erect hence he need to summon the demon god to help him recovers his man pride. After being captured ,  his brother went to save her . Then a hideous demon king manifest and turn into a bishonen for some reason and it end. There, I summarised the whole 23 minute for you .

So will I continue to watch it? I guess I will , since I have a softspot for fantasy anime and it promised a decent production. So , ya , do watch it and bye bye . Let’s get normal for once in our next post . I doubt that anyone will understand what I am trying to say.