Queen’s blade teaches girl not to be too materialistic. The world is in poverty and weapon is everything . Clothes and  bottom are luxury . That’s why you should wear as little as you can. Even if your clothes get tore to pieces , you shouldn’t change into new one  , you should just use a rope to bind your breast so it won’t jingle too much . This is to save money for weapons that can protect you. Not only this , clothes are a hinder in battle , that’s why the lesser you wear , the faster you can move. Also , it is good to have lesser cloth for your undergarment , with that , it won’t matter even if you pee on it ,because it is easy to wash .

All of that’s what I call the true warrior spirit.

Hence , I decided to follow queen’s blade because the whole premise is just  too awesome . The battle is also one of the smartest that I ever seen. Block your enemy nipple using thick armour so that a reverse milk squirt  will happen and hence exploding your enemy breast. EPIC!

Episode 2 is not as good as episode one . There are too many boy and gay inside there. I thought that the show finally have one dfc but it turns out that he is a gay.But the battle is still cleverly choreographed, dozen of ninja turning into a toad that shoot out sperm from its mouth to  melt away clothes and  flaming miko babes crashing against the toad like how crash gear crashes gears.

It appears that flaming miko babe attack is useless though , because the toad is just too fucking awesome, he need to lick some nipple first before dieing with a slash.

On the other scene , you get a ninja fight where the gay man versus a white hair big breast ninja. The white hair big breast ninja wins because she believe in her lesbian partner.

In the end , all the miko die , expect the one that show her nipple . You know , to survive in queen’s blade world , you must at least show your nipple , or else you always will be a side character.  The main character is determined by the number of times the nipple is  flashed out , the more screen time your nipple have , the more important your role will be.

Oh , a loli without breast appears in episode 2 too . Even the fairy voiced by aya hirano have breast , so girl without breast in queen’s blade is  like water in a desert.