Clannad season 1 is decent , but not really that great like everyone made it to be . The story arc in season 1 were dull and not dramatic at all . The reasons why season 1 can be considered decent still is due to its great comedy with a touch of melodically pleasing music score and dazzling animation. Not to mention , cute looking girls with conventional yet good personality.

Still ,sad to say  , good personality doesn’t really get you a great story. Season 1 included the Fuuko , Kotomi , Tomoyo and the twins arc(?) , but seriously , none of it is awesome in any way. Fuuko arc is the best , but it is a direct ripoff from Ayu of arc from Kanon. Hence , not matter how touching it is , a tragedy that you had seen twice isn’t saddening anymore.

Secondly , the Kotomi arc , it just dragged too much and the final scene was a buzz killer. I don’t know why , but if felt anti climax . It was suppose to be a sad story , but not matter how much I tried , I just couldn’t feel the impact it should cause. Third , Tomoyo arc , it happened so fast , it ended before I get emotional.

Fourth , the Kyou and Ryou arc . Ya , it is surprising , they have a story of their own actually , It is just too subtle , you won’t notice it without looking hard enough. Their whole story arc  is actually  happening behind the scene from episode 1 to episode 20 or so . Their story is just that , Ryou liked Tomoya and Kyou was helping her with it . But in the end , Tomoya choose Nagisa and the twins cried , implying that Kyou actually liked Tomoya too , the end. Wait ,  did Kyou really cried? I forgot lol . But I bet that the game should supplie us with a better arc for Kyou.

You must be thinking now that what made season 2 better than season 1 then . The answer is actually the story arc by those side characters. I am amazed that the story of those side character are 2 times more interesting than those main heroine . First , we have the Sunohara arc , ZOMG , that arc is fill with manly spirit. A manly story in a sissy show , that it like too huge a contrast , it made the whole arc awesome. Secondly , the misae(spelling?) arc is captivating too . Oh , and I am now only at episode 5 , so I don’t really know what will happen next lol.

But I guess that the reason why those side characters arc get to be more interesting is because , the main heroine arcs were difficult to animate. Example , if the whole story arc gears toward the fujibayashi twins arc , Nagisa will be left out because in the end , Tomoya must choose Kyou . This will cause the whole linear storyline where every girl need to have their own part to play yet not affecting the progression to Nagisa arc to be affected. That’s the problem with visual novel , when you choose the route of one girl , the others disappear to nowhere. But no no , Kyoani can’t do that , they need to animate everything that is happening in the visual novel , hence they need some alteration . So in the end , you get a screwed up Kyou arc. You should get what I mean since  so many others out there had illustrated this point . On the other hand ,the side character can get their story conveyed as original as they want since it won’t be affecting the whole plot line .

Another reason why the side characters arc are better than the main heroine arc is because , the main heroine arcs dragged too much while the side characters arcs were short and sweet. In season 1 , you got like 6 episode for Fuuko and another six for Kotomi when there isn’t really any needs to do that. For instance ,they added too much rubbish into Kotomi arc , hence causing a disruption to the whole momentum. You’ll get burned out halfway and when you finally reached the climax , everything look dull.

On the other hand , Sunohara arc wass different , it only consist of 3 episode hence the whole pacing is good . The buildup is enough and the climax is just right to make the end satisfying.

Due to all that , I think I will enjoy season 2 more than season 1 .So , now , let me enjoy the marathoning . I finished Clanand season 1 just shortly after it ended but I waited till now to start on season 2 . I blamed it on Season 1.